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    Australia - Andrew Thompson, 3, April 2008

    We didn't have a thread here for Andrew prior to him being found, but I think this is just such an amazing story, I had to post it. Andrew's father was never going to stop looking for him. The battle is far from over. But this is a huge step.

    Dad reunited with abducted son in Amsterdam

    An Australian man who has been searching for his lost child for two-and-a-half years has been reunited with his son in Amsterdam.

    Accompanied by three Dutch psychologists, Ken Thompson met his son at a facility belonging to the Netherlands' Child Protection Service.


    Mr Thompson's desire to find him was so strong he quit his job as a deputy fire chief, mounted a bicycle, and rode 6,500 kilometres through Europe to find him.


    (photo before he was abducted, www.findandrew.com)

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    Dad Pedals Round Europe To Find His Son

    An Australian man who rode his bicycle thousands of kilometres around Europe looking for his missing son has found him in Holland.


    Police and Interpol efforts to find Mr Thompson's estranged wife failed so he decided to hunt for them himself.

    Melinda Stratton once worked in London, so his two-wheeled search began in the UK.

    After finding nothing, Mr Thompson moved on to other European countries including France, Belgium and Germany.

    Last week he received an anonymous email saying his son, now aged six, was in Amsterdam - and the tip-off proved correct.


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    Morcombes helped dad find son, 6

    After suffering the pain of losing their own son, Bruce and Denise Morcombe have been instrumental in helping another parent find his lost child.

    After giving up his job and scouring Europe, former New South Wales deputy fire chief Ken Thompson (pictured below) found his six-year-old boy, Andrew, in Amsterdam last week. The child had been missing for almost three years after being abducted by his mother, Melinda Stratton.

    Sitting quietly behind the scenes, the Morcombes were helping Mr Thompson.

    They set up the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to promote child safety after their 13-year-old son, Daniel, was abducted from Nambour Connection Road in 2003.


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    Bike quest dad brings missing son home

    An Australian man who cycled around Europe looking for his missing son has returned home to Sydney with the six-year-old boy.


    The father and son were reunited late last year and with the permission of Dutch authorities flew into Sydney last week.

    Mr Thompson says they are glad to be home.

    More: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2...31/3125956.htm

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    Wow I remember seeing this boy's site a few years ago! I thought he was cute. He is my son's age. I'm glad he was found!

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    Extradited mother 'not guilty'

    A NSW woman who pleaded not guilty to charges of taking her child out of Australia without permission has been remanded in custody to appear in court again next week.

    More: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news...-1226045868225

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