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    NJ - Skype Catches Home Health Aide Beating 91 Year Old Patient

    Carmen Pereira should be whooped at high noon on the Court Room steps.

    Pereira was caught inadvertently beating her 91 year old patient who suffers from Alzheimer's, congestive heart failure and other ailments. The shocker to me is she has taken care of this same woman for 11 years. That's 11 years. Who do you trust.

    Bernadina Sammin's daughter's gave LE the right to show the video in parts to raise awareness that our elderly are susceptible to domestic violence via health aides.

    Hardened LE agents have said after viewing all the footage even they had a hard time watching. The abuse was daily. The poor lady had bruises and a cut over her eye. What the heck happened that would have you beat a 91 year old defenseless woman?


    Pereira was charged with a host of charges and then released.

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    In my whole home health career I noticed an abused elderly lady one tie and reported the family to Adult Protection. It was terrible. I am glad, though, that I only ran across one. Even "good" caregivers (family) can get stressed and lose it.
    But a home health worker, no excuse. They are supposed to be trained to deal with all kinds of people and for them to abuse helpless people is sick and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    My daughter was a nursing assistant (CNA) and turned in a girl she saw smacking a patient and the girl was fired. My daughter did the right thing but afterwards became an "outcast" at that job (was previously popular) and that makes me wonder, why were the other employees working with her so upset she turned someone in? What were they doing?

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    I saw that last night and it angered the heck out of me...This was a trusted "friend" who cared for this woman for a long time. I wonder when she started abusing her charge! Elder abuse needs to be stopped!

    I had an aunt suffer from alzheimers, I did care for her two days a week to give the caretaker a break. It's heartbreaking for they really dont' know what's going on, they have no concept of anything...they revert back to infancy needing care from head to toe.

    I am so glad they got this person and I do hope they make an example out of her, caught on tape is hard to dispute. She was roughed up, thrown around like some rag doll, her head had cuts..My heart ached for that woman and her daughters....Justice will prevail...JMHO

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    Graphic...very graphic...view if you can stomach to watch


    Home health aide is arrested on multiple charges after police say shocking video shows her hitting 91-year-old woman
    Saturday, September 04, 2010

    A Jersey City home health aide was arrested yesterday after shocked family members of a 91-year-old woman viewed a videotape that shows the aide striking the woman repeatedly, officials said.

    Carmen Pereira, of Bergen Avenue near Smith Street, was charged with aggravated assault with extreme indifference, endangering the welfare of an incompetent person and neglect of an elderly/disabled person, reports said.

    Pereira has cared for the Cator Avenue woman for 11 years, reports said.

    more at the link:

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    I can't watch the video. I have no words. Me, my Momma, and my Sister took care of my Nanny for 3 years after she had a leg amputated and was bed ridden. I can not imagine finding out someone was abusing her.
    This makes me sick. Poor thing.

    And she was released????? OMG
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    I could only stand to watch part of it. What a POS. I can only imagine how upset her family was to see that video. And of course the women is released and will now take off for parts unknown and never face punishment. This happened with the last one of these cases I saw. How could someone treat a human being like that?

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    I cannot and will not watch the video. Having cared for bedridden terminally ill family members the idea of abusing someone so helpless and vulnerable makes me physically ill.

    One of the attorneys I work for specializes in elder care and estate planning. I have daily contact with elderly clients and their family members. I love this contact. These are fabulous people.

    Unfortunately in this field you sometimes see cases where the elderly have been abused physically and/or financially and it breaks my heart. I just cannot concieve of how someone can be that low, that inhumane.
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    We as a society are judged by how we treat our elderly. How many other countries justifiably have the utmost respect for their elders. That's the da*n law of nature. I think.

    Some of us have mentioned we have taken care of elderly relatives. I watched my mom and grandmom and aunts do it. It has now been passed down to me. It's a Blessing we have been afforded that. To be able to take care of our own family member. To be able to oversee hospice or aides. LivLaughLuv spoke volumes as she gave the aide a break.

    Now, we cross some lines. Abbie said it best. These are people trained. They are being paid. Does this mean they don't get frustrated? Of course they do. Does this allow them to beat a defenseless lady you "cared" for 11 years strong? Nope. No sir. What the heck happened? What was this lady thinking? What was she so angry about? Who was she really mad at?

    May I be the first one to say taking care of my grandmom who is on the ball but very elderly yeah there were times I felt like saying "Ya know what Gram you need to chill". I'll admit it crossed my mind after a three hour CVS trip in which she bossed me non-stop and I had to push her wheelchair home that pushing her into traffic looked pretty doable. Yeah I said it. However, that's not only my grandmom. That's a woman who shaped this da*n country. Worked her butt off. Cared for me as a child. Sacrificed. Comes from the best generation this country ever saw. You don't mess with that. You surely don't hurt these people.

    Individuals that hurt children are vile. Individuals that would dare hurt an elderly person are the worse. Step out of the room and breathe, lady. Go tell off your old man or kids or whoever it is you were really mad at.

    Sorry for the rant. Meanwhile my grandmom is right chipper and going bowling. She just may want to push me into traffic next time she's here. My mom if anyone dared hurt my mother I'd be in prison.

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