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    Kyron Last Seen - time, place, by whom, wearing, etc *LIST ONLY * NO DISCUSSION *


    This is a reference thread to collect links to facts and information regarding the point at which Kyron was last seen, to include:

    - the time he was last seen

    - the place he was last seen

    - by whom he was last seen

    - what he was wearing when last seen

    This is a reference information list only, no discussion.

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    Current as of today, September 15, 2010

    FBI page for Kyron

    - Kyron Richard Horman has been missing from Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, since June 4, 2010. He was last seen that morning after attending a science fair at the school.

    - Noting that the following does not include Kyron's glasses in what he was last seen wearing, but simply notes, in a separate sentence, that he wears glasses.

    Kyron was last seen wearing a black T-shirt with the letters "CSI" in green and a handprint graphic on it, black cargo pants, white socks, and black Skechers sneakers with orange trim. He wears metal framed glasses.


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    August 26

    Green Hornet Newsletter published by MCSO on August 26th

    Publication date obtained from MCSO's twitter
    8:29 AM Aug 26th via web

    This newsletter contains a Missing poster for Kyron, which says:

    - Last seen at Skyline Elementary School

    - Also note that in what Kyron was last seen wearing, his glasses are not included. In fact, his glasses are not mentioned.

    Aug 26 Green Hornet newsletter:

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    August 27

    White truck outside school

    Kaine Horman & Desiree Young 8/27 pt.2
    Video: http://www.kgw.com/news/kyron-horman...101688128.html


    Chit chat from reporter in the beginning not included. Only what's needed from her for context.

    Reporter: Potentially one person in the truck... three people... the white truck, Terri's truck... can you talk...

    Desiree: (interrupts) Kaine's truck (laughs)

    Reporter: a little bit about that...

    Reporter: Kaine's truck. I'm sorry... What are your thoughts on that new information? Do you feel as though Dede was in that truck?

    Desiree: (interrupts) It just makes me feel stronger that, that there were people helping her... that Kyron saw it all and was involved and that there were other people helping her... which is what we suspected.

    Reporter: So because... but do you believe that a man was spotted? I mean again, these are witness accounts, and I don't know how much information that you've been privy to about what the, what is the likeliest scenario?

    Desiree: Well first of all, why would Kyron even be outside the school? Why would he even be near a truck with somebody else in it?

    You know. I mean it's significant in a huge way to the case. If the timeline played out the way that it supposedly did? That contradicts that completely.

    So I mean, other than that (shrugs), that's how significant it was to me.

    Reporter: How authentic do you think that witness is? I mean how...

    Desiree: (interrupts, shifts eyes to side) Very authentic.

    Reporter: So it's a credible...

    Desiree: (interrupts, shifts eyes to side and down) Yep.

    Reporter: ...witness.

    Reporter: And what exactly are they claiming that they saw?

    Kaine: (audibly sighs/intakes breath, clears throat)

    Kaine: Well I think, Sarah, I think to be more direct about it... I think that law enforcement needs to determine that still.

    Desiree: Yeah, that part.

    Kaine: We've been briefed on a lot of the information and the tips and the things that they're looking into, and that was part of that bucket of tips that they're...

    Desiree: (interrupts) Yeah.

    Kaine: ...that they're working their way through. Until they confirm and until they bring some of that information forward to the greater public, they're still looking into it, so I think us commenting on that is a little bit premature.

    There's how we feel about it...

    Desiree: (interrupts) Yeah.

    Kaine: ...and then there are the facts. And the facts...

    Reporter: (interrupts) How do you feel about it?

    Kaine: How do I feel about it? I feel it's definitely significant. I don't know how credible the sources are. I'm hoping that they are because it helps us bring more of those pieces that we talked about before, the puzzle, in to paint the bigger picture, but until they're confirmed, I'm not going to maintain a sense of false hope that they're valid, until they're actually valid, until I see them and get from law enforcement that yep, this is verified, this is air tight, this is another piece that we found, and then I will believe it.

    Desiree: Yeah.

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    June 11

    "The last time this child was seen was inside the school and was never seen leaving the school," Staton told CNN.

    LE: Sheriff Staton, MCSO


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    June 18

    - Terri is the last known person to have seen Kyron before he disappeared.

    - She's associated with the case because she was the last person to have seen Kyron.

    LE: captain Gates, MCSO


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    July 2

    I felt because of the circumstances behind this type of a search, the fact that it involved a child, it was inside of a school, was the last known sight of the child, this was significant to me.

    LE: Sheriff Staton, MCSO


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    June 5

    What Terri told LE was the time she last saw Kyron:

    Kyron's stepmother reports she last saw him at approximately 845 AM Friday, walking down the hallway towards his classroom.

    Posted: June 5th, 2010 9:06 AM


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    June 9 - Classmate TP

    There were two video interviews of TP. Both are linked below, and transcriptions of TP are included.

    Video transcription of TP:

    - "I went downstairs, and that was the last time I saw him and I never did see him after that."

    - "And she was like 'oh no where's Kyron there's only five' and Miss Porter's like it's alright calm down, calm down she's probably in the bathroom or getting a drink of water and she's like alright I'm gonna leave and she left."

    Video: http://video.aol.ca/video-detail/int...id=VIDURVNWS08


    Classmate: 'I Hope My Best Friend Comes Back'
    Kyron Horman Last Seen Friday Morning
    POSTED: 7:06 am PDT June 9, 2010
    UPDATED: 8:24 am PDT June 9, 2010

    Note: Reporter says TP saw Kyron around 8:45am:

    Article: http://www.kptv.com/news/23842774/detail.html

    Video: http://www.kptv.com/video/23842579/index.html

    Video transcription:

    TP: "And he walked by the hallway and I'm like, Hi, Kyron, and he's like, Hi. I'm gonna go see this cool one. Electric one. And I'm like, Alright, bye. And that's the last time I saw him. He never did make it back to class."


    KOIN has consolidated the majority of their articles, and most articles are no longer available. Fortunately, I'd posted this article in Kyron's media thread when it was published, so we have a record of it.

    [ame="http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5272107&postcount=20"]Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - Kyron Horman - Portland, Oregon MEDIA AND IMAGES LINKS[/ame]

    Horman's Desk Mate Says Substitute Noticed Him Missing
    Last Update: 6/09 11:30 pm

    T says Kyron was in school for at least an hour Friday morning and that he saw Kyron's step-mother leave the school without Kyron.

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    June 6 - LE, Staton

    - The last time he was seen was here at the school, and that was on Friday about late, a late hour in the morning was the last time he was actually seen here at the school. Since that time we've developed no other additional information that's indicated that he was here beyond that point after our interviews with the children.

    - He was seen not, he was seen near his classroom, and the last point was down at the south entrance door of the school.

    - Actually that statement came from one of the children that was here earlier this morning that was interviewed.


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