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    Evanston IL. Headless body and pipe bomb found near school.

    Police say 21-year-old Colin Dalebroux, of Madison, Wisc., was killed by what appeared to be a pipe bomb. A second live bomb was located beside his body, police said at a news conference.


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    I'm speechless. So strange. What a horrible way to die. At least if his intention was to harm the students/faculty at the school he wasn't able to do it.

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    His family said he has struggled with depression for 15 years---since he was six years old---and that they are certain Colin committed suicide.

    As the parent of a depressed young adult, I can tell you that there is nothing worse than watching someone you love struggle through intense depression. Sometimes there is simply nothing that helps.

    My prayers are with this young man and his family. And with the poor gentleman who found his body.

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    This could have been a suicide but I think this guy thought it would be funny to set off a couple of pipe bombs in the middle of the night. People think that pipe bombs are easy to make but if you don't coat the inside of the pipe and the threads on the cap properly they are very unstable because just a little friction can ignite the black powder. What I think happened here is that while he was trying to set it up with a detonator friction caused the black powder to ignite and he accidentally killed himself.

    When I was in college we had a guy in my dorm like this but he liked to make chemical bombs and blow up toilets until on went off in his face. Lucky for him it wasn't powerful enough to seriously hurt him.

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    Oh my, prayers to his family.
    How horrible.
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