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    Look at the size of this gator.

    Take a look a this this little women killed this giant alligator. May be disturbing to some.

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    couldn't believe the comments that were so caustic towards this woman - It's pretty amazing that she wasn't hurt in the process of landing the 'gator.
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    sorry but she didn't kill it because she was in danger, she hunted it.....she's no hero to me.

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    We have Gator hunts in Louisiana. You buy a certain number of tags for the season and you hunt them. Each gator has to be tagged. It helps keep the population down.
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    I understand population control hunting kimberly. It doesn't upset me at all. JMHO. But then again I grew up around hunting. Legal hunting.

    I noted that the alligator is at a processing plant. I wonder if she will donate any of the meat to feed the needy?

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