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    In my own reality...it's nicer here.

    2010.09.21 Doc release: Interview - Jennifer Conaway

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    This confirms the area was under water, November 7th, 2008 was the second time they went back to search...JMHO

    Seems these depos are doing good for the prosecutors and seems very bad for the defense...JMHO

    Their Caylee was placed there after ICA was already incarcerated is rapidedly dissipating.. JMHO

    I believe, ICA should just plead guilty or she may just wind up with a DP conviction...JMHO

    Justice for Caylee

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    Mother and daughter give off completely different energy. I don't think they gave matching search dates.* I'd have to listen again to confirm iirc.

    JC said they searched the first time on August 13, 2008. She describes how the water was very high - too high for a person to walk into the woods on foot. She believes it would be hard to find anything even if you could walk in but they were called to lunch very soon after they began searching on horseback. She said that on a horse, up at eye level, you could see through the branches. She made it sound as if it wasn't so dense that one could not have entered the area if they wanted to (if there was not deep water).

    She said they returned in November and rode their horses in BP - she considered this a wasted effort as they stayed on the trails.

    One thing I noted, LC's mother had mentioned seeing a group of searchers on foot near the school in August (or the first time they joined a search).
    LC didn't mention them at all. LE didn't ask her about them either iirc.

    *Both CC and JC say their first search was in August, the second in November. CC says Nov. 7 and JC says Aug. 13, otherwise they don't give exact dates.

    Their interviews were conducted on September 16, 2009.
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    Water and by the school.
    2 words that are stated in another interview.

    "There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first is excellent, the second good, and the third useless.

    --Niccolo Machiavelli"

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