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    MN - Dad So Drunk 7 Year Old Had To Carry 3 Month Old

    When a police officer spoke with Lenzie Lee George he was on the sidewalk on his tail drunk out his mind. George explained it as being "drunk enough".

    A passerby summoned police when they saw a tiny 7 year old girl having trouble carrying a 3 month old across a busy intersection. The little girl told police her father was drunk and wanted to buy beer. This tiny tot got more brains than her father. She actually cared for this little sibling.

    After the child showed police where she lived they spoke with mom. Mom did know that George drank and he had picked the kids up a few hours earlier. Whoops. That means he also violated a domestic abuse order. In 2008 he assaulted mom by strangling her.


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    Idiot, idiot, idiot.

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    He sure as heck didn't waste any time getting 'drunk enough' and endangering his children.

    If he is an alcoholic and drinks daily, he could have been on his way to being drunk when he picked up the kids.

    I hope due to this he has to have supervised visits with his children.

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