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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    National Murder Victims Remembrance Day.

    Today is National Murder Victims Remembrance Day.

    I would encourage you to check your local news for any scheduled gatherings in your area.

    Please post your thoughts to those who live with the pain of missing their murdered loved ones.

    Thank you.

    Tricia Griffith

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    Tricia Griffith
    6300 N Sagewood Drive
    STE H 214
    Park City UT 84098

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    Thanks Tricia...

    My pain has lessened over the 27 years my only brother was murdered. It was so hard in the beginning and I felt like I wanted to die. We were a small family, just my mom, dad, me and brother...The hardest part for me is that no one has been held accountable for his murder, there was no justice served for my brother.

    I was calling the cold case squad once a month to see if there are any leads, or did they look into the leads I had given them. I have my thoughts on who is responsible and vocalized that to the detectives. I guess after getting tired of hearing from me I was finally told by one detective, they couldn't do anything by way of justice for my brother but that I should know the person (I pointed out) is doing time for extortion, which would have him in federal prison until his death. He has been diagnosed with cancer of the sinuses and it's spread to his brain. He will die in prison and that Karmic Justice is being served...

    This is the reason I always say, one might escape the law of the land but the law of the universe, Karma, one doesn't escape. It might take awhile for Karma to come full circle but it does. This is my only consolation that karma came full circle to this POS who shot my brother down in the street and left him lying there like some road kill to die...I know await for the other one to get his karmic justice, for I believe two were involved. JMHO

    Rest in Peace Louis...I tried my best but there was no one willing to come forward, no witnesses would stand up for justice...I love you and miss you dearly...Until we meet again...Your loving sister...

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    Eric Preimesberger~

    I am not a relative of Eric's, I've never even met him but he with his beautiful brown eyes have touched me deeply and I pray that justice is served in his case!

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    Randy Rush, I miss you. We all miss you. We love you. I'm keeping an eye on your dad.

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    Linda Thies - You have not been forgotten.

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    I wanted to take a moment and say that I've been in prayer and meditation for much of the day concerning a sweet little girl taken far too early from us. The gentleman who heads up Oregon Crime Victims United, Steve Doell, is a dear friend of mine. He is the man who reached out to our family when we were reeling with pain caused by a crime against our children.

    The reason Steve is such a tireless advocate for victims is because his beautiful and talented 12 year old daughter, Lisa, was murdered in 1992. Steve has shown me photos of Lisa as she posed in her dance costume. She had such a sparkle in her eye. She was bright and so full of life. That little girl was going to be a star. Lisa must somehow know how her passing has touched so many in Oregon. She also must know how her father's love and his pain was channeled into making massive changes for victims. She would be proud.

    So, my thoughts go out to all who loved Lisa. I know that she's forever your shining star.


    "Steve spoke about Lisa, what she did during her short time on earth and of her aspirations.

    He stated she had a keen sense of justice.

    Steve recalled Lisa going to the Anne Frank exhibit shortly before her death. Afterwards she talked about what she saw and discussed with her father. Steve said to her, "what happened was horrible. People do horrible things to other people and life is not fair."

    This wasn't good enough for Lisa and she replied, "Dad that's ridiculous. When these things happen, someone needs to stand up and do something about it. Someone needs to stop it."

    Steve's closing comment was, "And so, from an angel's lips to her father's ears."

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    LSK- You have never been forgotten. The last stuffed animal you gave me still sits here with me on my puter desk. I'll never leave it behind.
    I can't wait to see you again one day!

    Beautiful Rox.
    Sept. 18, 1997 - May 26 2012
    Rest peacefully my love I'll forever miss you.

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    Thankfully I haven't lost a friend or family member to homicde, but my prayers are constantly with those families who have, that they may have justice. And I am very grateful to Tricia for this forum to express our condolences to those people and do what we can for them.
    Rest in Peace
    Joey, Summer, Gianni & Joseph Mateo

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