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    New Policies Exterminating Teen Mall Rats

    Shopping Malls Find That Banning Unaccompanied Teens Is Good for Business


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    Interesting subject, Dark Knight! I can certainly see both sides of it. I am sure the stores are blessed with less theft, larger sales and a more "secure" feeling without the teens around. Nevertheless, I genuinely do subscribe to a the view that "it takes a community to raise a child". If we cut them off from the malls, where will they go? To the streets! Way too many parents do not provide adequate entertainment for their kids, or can't even afford to so they let them hang in the mall thinking that, at the least, they will have adult supervision and policing as necessary. And truly, they do. So what is the solution? I'm just not sure.........I know I don't want them taking to the streets. I know many parents can't or won't provide total supervision for their teens.

    I grew up in the very early sixties. Anywhere I went, if I messed up, an adult IMMEDIATELY corrected me and sent me home to be corrected again. But it seems as though the adults today are afraid of kids. My husband and I saw a girl spitting as she was riding a ride at the carnival. Spit is no longer "safe". We took the risk and talked to her! She NEEDED corrected and we were the adults. I would truly hope that someone would do the same for my kids/grands. Unfortunately, I'm not sure they would. Perhaps, then, the problem lies with adults rather than the kids?

    I hate the thought that my daughter wouldn't be able to drop my grandson off at the theatre with a friend or two.....or even three. Those memories of my childhood are precious to me. I fear something is very wrong with us as a nation......as a world; that we have these concerns!

    Yikes.......Websleuths is very slow........thought I wouldn't get to comment and it is RARE that a subject comes along that I want to comment on. I am an lurker in heart- LOL!

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    We had that ban enacted here, locally, at McArthur Center. While my mom used to drop me and a friend off at our local mall on Friday or Saturday nights, back in the day, I don't really approve of it now. We behaved ourselves when we went. Too many of the kids trolling the malls are up to no good. Not all of course.

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