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    MN - Man Makes Fake Facebook Accounts To Lure Underage Girls

    40 year old Shane Allen Werlein of Minnesota must fancy himself a genius. He used multiple fake Facebook accounts to lure underage girls. Admittedly Werlein said his focus was to have two girls engage with eachother. Pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't this guy find like a bajillion women online that are willing to do this? Wait. He's a freak who hurts kids. I got carried away there.

    As all good conmen pedophiles go he did get one underage girl to pose for explicit photographs. That cost him. One count of child pornography. He also had contact with another underage girl in person. That's four girls. Four. Four. He's 40 years old for Lord's sake.

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    Shane shares his secret sex fantasies on the Tyra Show Facebook.

    Go down to October 2009.


    Ohhhhhhhhhh mind you he doesn't mention underage girls, but something with him and his girlfriend. Man, I hope his girlfriend was of age. I won't link to his FB itself because some of his friends have children's pictures on them. This guy has big problems and created them for other people.

    Piece of work this guy. Here's a hi5 account he made. These are not photographs of him. He's a 40 year old as seen in his true Facebook account. It just gives people an idea of how a creep like this manipulates young girls.

    Note the girls who wrote to him and about him. He's a total sweetheart. He's hott. Some ask him to come hang out with them. Some are spurned when he doesn't come back to chat. When I see this stuff it makes me understand what my mom's generation screams about. "Too many perverts on that thing. That internet is dangerous. These kids just put all their business out there for the wrold to know". In this case I am agreeing.

    Preaching to the choir here I know, but parents please, please, please I beg of you know what the heck your kids are doing on their electronic devices.

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