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    Vegas 'Death Ray' Singes Guests

    I shouldn't be surprised or laughing. I had a friend who fried himself and burnt the siding on his house while installing a shiny platform on a trailer.


    Las Vegas resorts have long vied to be known as the hottest place in town. But that's not such a great distinction for Vdara, a 10-month-old Strip hotel-condo where a "death ray" of strong Nevada sunlight reflects off the concave, all-glass facade and onto sections of the pool deck throughout the day.

    Chicago attorney Bill Pintas felt its power firsthand after returning to his lounge chair after a swim last week. "It felt like I had a chemical burn. I couldn't imagine why my head was burning," said Pintas, who owns a condo in the 57-story building. "Within 30 seconds, the back of my legs and back were burning. My first thought was, 'Jesus, they destroyed the ozone layer!'"

    More at the above link.

    Original article:

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    Okay, I didn't really get how this could happen. Here is the picture from the article explaining it:

    I really think there needs to be a warning posted at this pool. I would be extremely upset if I, or one of my kids, were burned by it. It is hot enough to melt plastic!
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    ok, sorry, but this story tickled my funny bone. First - the headline of the story!, then the fact that people don't have enough sense to stay out of the sun at the hottest part of the day. Where I live lots of things melt and warp if left out in the sun in the summer. And don't even get me started about running across a black asphalt parking lot in bare feet!!! jmo.

    This was NOT in response to your post, Tuffy!!
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