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    MS - Out On Probation RSO Steals Woman's Panties

    Edward Payton is a sex offender out on probation.

    Payton of Ocean Spring, Mississippi broke into a woman's home and stole her panties. He's been charged with burglary and I think breaking and entering.

    Those kind of people scare the jeepers out of me. Yeah, my panties are in a bunch because he should be locked up and not out roaming around. What if the lady was home.

    No word here how they know he did it. I can say that has happened to me. Laundromat. Back then I wasn't as educated on these sexual offenders so I was more mad than anything.


    People roaming around your house stealing your drawers got huge problems. He's a danger to society this guy.

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    I think it happens far more often than reported, Filly. Remember our infamous Mr. Kim from here in Oregon? He accrued thousands of pairs and was sentenced to 68 months.

    Scary scary guy. It's a creepy crime. I just checked and he'll be getting out in a few months. Just dandy.

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    Speaking of panty fetishes made me think of the Baltimore shoe "collector", Walter Rubincan. I find nothing about a trial or a sentence. Is he still sitting in jail awaiting a trial? He's another one who is mighty freaky.

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