Another sad grave robbery. Someone went through an awful lot of trouble to get at Mrs. Chase's body. She needs to be allowed to rest in piece. What are people thinking? Being that this article doesn't make it very clear about what exactly was done to or with the body, were they simply looking for jewelry? That seems like a lot of work. Notice that it was a group of teens (who usually take the rap for these crimes) which reported the break-in.

Cape grave robbery suspected

HARWICH — The police are searching for someone who broke into an imposing mausoleum, smashed through marble and slate walls, and opened the coffin of a woman who died a century ago, reports the Cape Cod Times.

Harwich police Sgt. Kevin Considine said Ida Chase died in 1913. She was put to rest in a grand mausoleum in Mount Pleasant Cemetery on South Street, along with her husband, a baby and two other female family members, Considine said...."

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