This is an interesting case. I'm wondering how this will turn out.

Prosecutors are looking to get a Registered Sex Offender civially committed to McNeil after he was found hanging in the children's section of a Shoreline library two days in a row.

Robert Porter did not deny the allegations he was fixated on the little girls. One in which he said was perfect. He was just hoping she would go to use the bathroom alone. Dear Lord in heaven.

This dude served 11 years for raping three 10 year old girls. His record goes back to when he was a juvie and he and a friend pinned a child down and molested her with a stick. It's a miracle this guy in all these years has not murdered a child.

Lots at link about how many child sex offendeers are confined indefinately.

Once again preaching to the choir here, but people please please know these freaks exist. Your 10 year old alone at the library is not responsible for their own safety. They love these libraries these creepers.

O/T but my child was one who loved to read. Rather have a book than a toy. The book store and library were her favorite places to go. No exaggeration when she was little and even when she got a little older I didn't go down a different isle than the one she was in. Too many RSO in the library.