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    Post 5 Worst Halloween Candies (and 10 Best Survival Tips!)

    A cocker spaniel weighs about 24 pounds. You know what else weighs 24 pounds? The heft of candy the average American gobbles down each year, a big chunk of that falling to our waistlines in the days before and after Halloween. Fun size? I don't think so—unless it's fun being size 16. These stats could very well turn you as white as a ghost:


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    Wow - thanks for the link. I'm not a sugar eater, as it raises my blood sugars to horrifying levels -- but my hubby and son do.

    Speaking of dangers - don't be fooled by the new Sierra Mist Natural. You'd think it would be natural (whatever that means), but when I looked at the sugar load, it was chock full of 37 grams of sugar for 1 12 ounce can!!! That would put diabetics in a coma for sure.

    It's all about reading labels isn't it?