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    OR - Richard Taylor for sex abuse, child porn, Medford, 2010

    Today's reoffending sex offender comes to us out of Medford Oregon.

    58 year old Richard Lee Taylor is locked up on a million dollars bail. He had the prescence of mind to tape himself abusing young boys he befriended.

    Hello. He's a Registered Sex Offender. Why was he given another chance to hurt children?


    Whoops the charges carry a million dollar bail, but he's locked up and housed on a no bail situation. Well it's about time.

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    Taylor's been locked up for a week or so (because he didn't register) and they just added these new charges yesterday. I researched him and didn't find much. Quite ironic that he lives on Nobility Dr., huh?

    I think his most recent arrest, other than the failure to register, was late last year. October seems to be his month:


    October 23, 2009

    "Sex abuse, sex offender — Richard Lee Taylor, 57, of the 300 block of North Ivy Street, Medford. Medford police Thursday arrested Taylor on five counts of attempted first-degree sexual abuse, five counts of attempted first-degree sodomy and failure to register as a sex offender. He was lodged in jail on $15,000 bail."

    But note that he was already a RSO last October. And that bail was ridiculous!! It's tough to research Oregon RSOs as they either have to be deemed predatory to be listed on the internet or you have to request specific information about a name, an address, or a zip code via mail or email. Very cumbersome. I wonder if he moved to Oregon as a RSO? Looks like he's lived in Eureka, CA (far north coast) but I don't see any CA listing for him.

    FWIW, predatory offenders do live on a street called Nobility Drive in Medford. Here's our local predatory list:


    This is sort of a "halfway house" which has a long waiting list. To me, it makes no sense that most of these men don't work. I saw one man on disability and one who is retired. None of the others have employment. Our son, who is a RSO (NOT a predatory offender, though) can't get a job or an apt. as he's required to disclose his registration to all possible employers and any landlord. Because RSOs are not a "protected class", no one is required to hire them or rent to them, thus many are transient (as our son is). I don't think transiency is a safe way to live for RSOs. They need to stay busy at work and at an address where we can find them. Living on the greenways and parks makes me uneasy. JMO
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    I guess we locals won't have to worry about Mr. Taylor for a good while. Judge Barnack took a firm stance today. Taylor got a far tougher sentence than I was expecting. Bless those young boys for their courage to stop this monster. May they find support and solace in the truth.


    Man sentenced to life in prison for repeated sexual abuse
    January 20, 2012

    "A Medford man with past convictions for sexually abusing children was sentenced to 22 life sentences without the possibility of parole. Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Tim Barnack handed down the sentence today against Richard Lee Taylor, 59, of the XXX block of Nobility Drive, Medford.

    In October, Taylor was found guilty of five counts each of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree sodomy; and three counts each of first- and second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse. Taylor previously served a short prison term after pleading guilty to lesser charges in the same case, but Barnack said significant new evidence made it possible to reopen the case. Taylor also has a past conviction for sexual abuse in California, prosecutors said in asking for a life sentence...."


    "...The judge repeatedly asked Taylor if he wanted to save his soul. Taylor said he had nothing to say. "You are a bad person," Barnack said. "You show no remorse. We are going to make sure you never get out. You will rot in prison...."


    "....[A] brother-in-law found about 30 mini-DVDs used in video cameras among Taylor's belongings. When he viewed one, he found child pornography recorded on the discs and went to police. The recordings showed Taylor sexually abusing the victims in the previous case, who this time fully cooperated with investigators. Barnack praised the detective and prosecutor in the case, but saved the highest praise for the victims who were brave enough to speak out. "I see courage and power," he said after reading their statements. "You aren't going to let that piece of só- win."

    More at link (free subscription to read up to 10 articles)

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