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    Barbara Jean Moncao (18) - Virginia Beach VA, 1978

    Barbara Jean Moncao

    Endangered Missing from Virginia Beach, Virginia since August 23, 1978

    Age: 18 -- Height: 5'4" -- Weight: 110 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown

    Barbara lived with her older sister in Derby, Connecticut in 1978. They took a vacation trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia on August 20, 1978, the day after Barbara's 18th birthday. They planned to stay for a week.

    On the night of August 22, they went to a bar. A man there kept urging Barbara to go out with him, and told her he had a yacht, but she wasn't interested. Barbara was last seen about 1:00 am when she left her sister and began walking to another bar, where she had a prearranged date with a bartender. Witnesses saw her get into a car with 4-5 men. She never arrived for her date and has never been heard from again. Police refused to take a missing person report for 48 hours.

    Eight months after Barbara disappeared, her family advertised a $10,000 reward for her recovery, dead or alive. A man came forward and claimed he had witnessed her being raped and murdered the night she disappeared. He said they dumped her body in a lake. Authorities dragged the lake and found a cinder block with a rope tied to it, but they did not find Barbara's remains. That man passed a polygraph regarding his information, but stopped cooperating when investigators refused to give him immunity from prosecution in return for his help. Another man also had information that he could only have known had he been with Barbara that night. He agreed to take a polygraph, but took his own life a few hours later.

    No arrests have been made in connection with Barbara's case. Foul play is suspected.

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