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    PA 11 Year Old Grabbed While Walking With Mom In Falls Township

    Just a day or two ago I started a thread about a homeless owman suffering blunt trauma to her head and then set on fire. That was Bristol, and this young boy was grabbed in Falls Township which is not far away.

    An 11 year old boy walking near the woods with his mom but lagging behind was grabbed by a man in camofloge (sic) who jumped from behind a shed.

    The man hit the boy twice in the face with an object and told him to sit down after dragging him further towards the canal.

    There's a police sketch of this maniac at the link. Thank goodness the boy got up and ran away.


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    This is tremendously creepy, especially with Halloween coming. And it happened at 5:45, right when kids will be out trick or treating. You have to wonder why he chose a child who was with his mother, even if lagging behind. He either didn't see the woman or is so crazed he didn't care. This reminds me of the teen in BC who was just killed when walking behind her friends or the little guy who was stabbed to death by the crazy teen while on a biking path with his parents. It's also a little like Stephen Westfall and his grab of the sweet little girl who got away.

    These perps remind me of animal predators that have stepped over the line. They will take crazy chances. They often don't care if they get caught--like the guy who grabbed the child at Walmart and was assaulting her in the bathroom. They seem to just get crazier too. My guess is that the little boy might not have told right away out of fear that he'd get in trouble or would upset his mom. Parents just cannot believe how desperately their children want to protect them.

    How many times does a parent say, "Stay with me!!". Kids are told all sorts of horror stories about what might happen if they don't. Well, he lagged behind, the horror story came true and he probably was scared speechless.

    I wonder if the scratches are from this child?

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    Definately a raging lunatic with poor impulse control.

    It's unbelievable to me that there hasn't been much reported about this. I was looking again and it looks like this is Morrisville. Woods there. The canal. Anything could have happened to this poor kid.

    Exactly Izzy. Keep up or don't run too far ahead. An 11 year old boy though you would think would be safe, but nope. Hope he's O.K. Even more so I hope they get this guy quick.

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