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    Quote Originally Posted by Missizzy View Post
    This is kind of weird. Might be something, maybe not. That church building has quite an interesting history. I found the church at 11 Mill Road in Kingston. Before it was the Bethel Baptist, it was the Mill Road Baptist Church and before that it was the Maranatha Baptist Church. Here's the website and some history:

    Looks like the congregation starting meeting in homes and planned and saved for a long time to build the church building in 1990.

    "...On September 17,1990 construction began on the church building under the leadership of Mr. SL and the Minute Men. The people of Maranatha continued the building program with the help of many, many people and other churches working together to see the erection of the new building...."


    "...In October 2006 we changed our name to Mill Road Baptist Church. Over the years we fear the name has been a source of confusion. We wanted Kingston residents to understand our name, our beliefs, and our concern for the spiritual well being of our neighbors."


    "....Finally, for reasons known only to God, a series of events brought us to the conclusion we were no longer being called by God to carry forth the ministry at 11 Mill Road. A unanimous vote of the membership was taken April 6, 2010 to begin the process of closing this ministry...."

    I can't quite put my finger on it but that history leaves me uneasy. Are they referring to the militia group, the Minute Men? Why would they help build a church? Is this area populated by people affiliated with the Minute Men? I grew up in the Baptist church (a more mainstream one, however) and church families typically do not just cease to exist. I find this really odd, especially since construction was seen there. Then, of course, there is the issue of a burned car and body.

    We have not heard the whole story yet, I don't think.

    I also found the history of Kingston, which includes a full history of this church:

    There's a side note about an event in Kingston 75 years ago. A local preacher afixed turkey wings to his back and stood on top of his church roof flapping his "wings" and exhorting all to go home as "the end of the world was coming". I guess some things never change.
    Minute Men is also the name of a day labor company who has offices nationwide I use to work security in one of their offices.

    maybe they meant them and not the militia group

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missizzy View Post
    Just wondering, how many people must fall asleep in their cars with a cigarette each year--each day? How many cars catch on fire? Ginny's family says that she had a tendency to sit in her car to smoke. OK, wouldn't a person wake up the minute that the seat caught on fire? I realize that the woman could have been passed out or overdosed. That's a possibility. I guess she could have been committing suicide. But, I didn't get the impression that the car exploded as there was a body to autopsy. Something seems a little off to me. I wonder if she met someone at that locale? I hope the family really presses for answers.

    If this was an accident, the general public need to be made aware of the danger, IMO. An awful lot of people are sleeping in their cars these days and I haven't seen a rash of burning cars. Unless the young men in Utah all fell asleep smoking with those propane tanks sitting on the seat next to them......
    So much for FSC Cigarettes some are saying they cause more fires off to find an article I read about it.

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    Here's Virginia's obituary:

    Rest in peace, Ginny.

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