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    Forensic Astrology - JABALEE Murders discovered10/7/2006 New Baltimore, MI

    Trying to create a shortened synopsis of this case:

    Ref: post 3 Ron Jr's natal time unknown:

    Wow, big drug problem I think with all those Neptune squares and quincunx aspects which shows us health issues with Neptune as a focus.

    The Sun (personality) ,Venus (social life and affairs) ,Mars (personal energies) and Saturn (lack of self-discipline ) all quincunx to Neptune. That speaks of drugs in the sign of Scorpio near the 25th degree
    I’m not surprised he got wrapped up in a murder indictment.
    But also exonerated, even with his Mars square Pluto. He needs to be careful in life, he could end up prematurely dead himself.

    All those many squares to Pluto it appears he was moreso vibrationally, his father’s son then the mother’s astrologically speaking, has a similar chart when it comes to controlling others, manipulations and Scorpionic tendencies as the late Ron had the malefics Mars and Saturn conjunct his Pluto.
    The natal charts I have for this family are from 2007, just after the murders occurred and I have both parents time of birth on them, however, I cannot post them because to tell the truth I cannot recall where I found the dates of birth. I believe it was the family, but yet now are unverifiable.

    But if correct, the father has Gemini rising, (like the son’s major signature) and Christine had Venus on the Ascending, and must have been a beautiful woman herself with Cancer Rising.
    Both were born in Detroit Michigan.

    As for him telling the police, “I may have done it while sleepwalking” , well that is possible he was part of the planning and even act.
    After all, he had transiting Hades (crime-related, deeply buried – sordid, unpleasant overtones from the past are all Keywords for this TNP)
    And it was going over his Sun/Mars at 26Gemini at this point in time.
    Some have theorized that he wouldn't be guilty and say such a thing to the police however, actually, there have been prior precedence for getting a break from the courts and juries, during Sleepwalking crimes.

    Another TNP being Kronos rx was positioned at 3Cancer over his natal 3 Cancer Vulcanus and the keywords here:
    (for Kronos? The ultimate in authority) and Vulcanus – “All that is mighty and powerful. Strength and Intensity” “Energy in the extreme that is also compulsive”
    I realize I called this chart “exonerated” but now I wonder was he really? There is no statute of limitations on murder and wasn’t there simply a question because of the truck being seen that there indeed was more then one person involved here?

    For others who may pursue this unsolved and now opened case, I'll post the 1:15 Event chart because it falls between the testified 1 to 1:30AM timeframe that the truck was seen leaving the house the next morning although it appears also from the charts that they were indeed dead prior to this time in the garage approximately 3-3.5 hrs. before or the late hours of the 6th of October. For the death I used just after 10PM.

    Perhaps some other astrologers here will be interested enough to carry forward with this investigation and the charts can then become useful to them too, although most Astrologers do like to use their own personal charts and tools I am now employing the TNPs for example.

    (Trans-Neptunian Uranians as they are termed, being hypothetical planets)
    and not yet proven. Hades and kronos mentioned above are 2 of them as is Zeus and Apollon

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    "The Greek word moira (μοῖρα) literally means a part or portion, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny.
    They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death."


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    Jabalee Murders unsolved crime

    This is the time I believe the astrology indicates they were murdered.

    Sometime within this framework of time seems reasonable, and I read the coroners believed it was approx. 3-4 hrs. prior to the Last Seen Truck leaving the crime scene with their lights out....until turning the corner the next morning on the 7th Oct.2006:

    Both Charts:Sun conj. “Algorab” fixed star which designates revenge , dishonesty, misrepresents and malvolent 13Libra, and the Sun quincunx to Uranus in Pisces in the 10th suggests drugs part of the hit perhaps the reason

    – in hs. 5 conj. to Mars 15Libra perhaps drug related as the 5th rules our children but also recreations and possibly drugs may be seen here.

    Saturn (dead bodies?) found in house 3 the house of communications, siblings and automobiles being ruled here.
    Opposite Neptune in Aquarius – (drugs are potentially part of it) and square to Jupiter in the 19th deg.of Scorpio therefore, critical in the house of decisions being made.
    The degree of Scorpio tends towards black & white issues, the focus being swift and hard judgements.

    10:15 PM has a murder degree on the angle of the I/C (within 45minutes of the murderous act I would surmise)…..so the LE has a good time estimate here.
    Juno, Pluto and the I/C are all near the 25th degree, and therefore the same as the North Node degree….rather deadly in it’s delivery and final , a fateful night.

    Pluto in particular, is square the Black Moon, square the North Node and semi-square to Mercury seems hell bent on revenge in Sagittarius, it’s ruler found in the 6th, in Scorpio.
    The Black & White issue of revenge almost appears to say, “you did me wrong, in my black & white world, now I’m here to avenge it” Out of control, over the top.

    Event : Truck leaving the scene and noticed by a neighbor around this time:

    Moon now at the MC in Aries, warlike sign ruled by Mars and it’s opposed to the Sun here in the 4th house of endings conjunct to Mars., thus “It is finished”
    Brutality and rage are 2 keywords for Toro, found now in the 3rd (truck) conjunct Venus
    Probably showing the rage towards the female that was enacted.

    The ASC is at the crisis degree, and there certainly is a crisis in the garage.

    But where is the clean up that took place, the attempt to clean up Mrs. Jabalee’s handwriting in blood?

    Perhaps Virgo, known for being somewhat fastidious for cleaning up – and shown as the Ruler of House 3 with Juno (the married couple) conjunct the South Node (what has been past now)….is showing us this cleaning up or attempt made?
    Although Rex Bills suggests house 6, we know Virgo is the natural ruler of this house.

    No time of birth known for Ron Jr. natal:
    "The Greek word moira (μοῖρα) literally means a part or portion, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny.
    They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death."


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    Jabalee Murders unsolved crime

    I'm thinking this murder case should have it's own thread as it's an ongoing case but that's not up to me to decide. If Fifth Essence wishes to designate it's own thread, I will follow up there in the future.

    So this will be my last post on the case unless a new thread is designated.

    For Knox who wanted to know about one of the brothers of the deceased or uncle of the original accused, who was in prison and being looked at in this particular case.

    Time of birth unknown:

    A weak person overall, morally speaking. Sun in Libra in itself a Cardinal sign yet perhaps not using the best of this sign in the lifetime with the Moon entered into SAG on the day he was born, leaving Scorpio, at noontime, may be between these two signs.
    In either regard, the constellation of Scorpio can be troubling for revenge and one upmanship. This is important to this case, imo to recall this. And this is why even though we do not know his time of birth, we need to recall this Constellation for his moon and therefore his emotions.

    Both Mercury and Venus ruled by lazy libra as the sign is sometimes called when the entity is below the scale in morality……and of course many many are not but quite the opposite. The bit of Venusian or in this case more then a bit of Venus is ruling this man, hence can dip below the radar in the dept. of taking the easy way out versus working hard for a living.

    Mars is all telling in the natal in light of all I’ve laid out will augment the theory of the natal., because it is found in dupliticous sign of theTwins, Gemni and in the Pleaides hence a pointer to more troubling behaviors. Natal Kronos conjuncts Alcoyne, squares Pluto and conjuncts the 2nd malefic, Mars. What did I say earlier about Kronos? It’s the Ultimate in Authority or so thinks so.

    Mars in the natal is RX and Transiting Mars on the day of the murder is in a VERY critical degree of Scorpio. No doubt about it, it was do or die transit over his planets.

    There is no ifs ands or buts when it comes to 19Scorpio. There is only black & white issues.

    Neptune appropriately transits his Chiron, and I would suppose with this being his relatives there could have been a signature in the celestial quarters of some tragedy here and even if there were no real tears shed for his brother, we often more times then not see Chiron transiting in a death of a relative and natals. Perhaps it's the soul crying....

    Being linked to deceptive practices because Neptune often shows us this. Chiron is about the inner pain we all have one way or another to heal.

    This chart is not one of a choir boy or boy scout leader I assure you.
    "The Greek word moira (μοῖρα) literally means a part or portion, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny.
    They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death."


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    CRIME Background

    DETAILS copied over from the REQUEST Thread provided by KNOX.

    Ron Jabalee was recently acquitted by a jury of murdering his parents, Ronald & Christine Jabalee. Can we take a look at a few charts for this case? I would hate to think someone has gotten away with their murder. Perhaps there are some astrological indicators of who the killer may be and what the motive was ...

    (Father & Son share the same first name and are intermittently referred to as Ronald and Ron. Father is Ronald G. and Son is Ronald F. It can be a little confusing, so I suggest Ronald for father and Ron for Son in any future discussions)

    The Happy Jabalee Family

    Ron and Christine Jabalee, a loving couple with three children and many grandchildren, were murdered in their New Baltimore, Michigan home on October 6, 2006.

    Ron and Christine Jabalee seemed to live a picture-perfect life, with a beautiful home, three children -- Ron, Nikki and Ryan -- as well as several grandchildren. The entire family makes their living in the food industry: the elder Ron in the sales department at Sherwood Foods, and the rest of the family at RJ's Meats, son Ron's store in downtown Detroit. Friday, Oct. 6, 2006 was an ordinary day for the Jabalee family, but everything came to a crashing halt that night.

    On Friday nights, Ron always called his son to see how closing at the store went. But on Oct. 6, he didn't call.

    The next morning, when neither Ron nor Christine arrived at the store for work, all three children began to panic. Rosie, Ryan's girlfriend, went over to the Jabalee home to make sure everything was okay, but what she found was a gruesome crime scene.

    Ron and Christine were lying in the garage, and there was blood in the driveway. When the police arrived, they described it as one of the most brutal crime scenes they had ever seen.

    The letters that remain could be s, n, c, e, i, j, g, or d.

    More at Link ...
    Event Chart Details
    The Jabalees’ bloody bodies were found about 9:30 a.m. Oct. 7th, 2006. It appeared that Ronald G. Jabalee’s body was dragged in from the driveway.

    Additional-Event Chart Details
    The only eyewitness testimony was murky, as a neighbor of the victims testified he saw a dark-colored vehicle leaving the victims’ house at 1 to 1:30 a.m. on October 7th, 2006. But Ronald Jabalee drove a white Silverado and there was no evidence he used his wife’s truck, despite implications by the prosecution.

    Possible Motive Connected to Brother?
    But the defense attorneys said prosecutors failed to tell the grand jury about Roger Jabalee, 51, who was convicted and sentenced in circuit court to nearly seven years for making several powdered cocaine sales in spring 2007 to undercover police in St. Clair Shores. He was considered a mid-level dealer.

    Roger Jabalee told New Baltimore police that the "Highwaymen" motorcycle club was not happy with him, according to the defense. Members of the club have been indicted and are awaiting a federal trial.

    Law enforcement officials also were told another motorcycle club may have had something to do with the killing, the defense said.

    Roger Jabalee also "chronically" borrowed money from his brother and "attempted to borrow money from his brother a few days before the homicides," the attorneys say.

    Live Trial Blog Link

    Ronald Jabalee (Father/Victim) 3/18/48
    Christine Jabalee (Mother/Victim) 9/7/48
    Ron Jabalee (Son/Accused) 6/15/68
    Roger Jabalee (Brother to Ronald) 10/15/58

    If someone with a genealogy subscription can look up the place of birth for the above people I would appreciate it.
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