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    Shelley Kathleen Sikes (19) - Galveston TX, 1986

    Shelley Kathleen Sikes

    Endangered Missing from Galveston, Texas since May 24, 1986

    Age: 19 -- Height: 4'11" -- Weight: 90 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown

    Shelley has a scar on her right knee. She cannot bend her right index finger.

    Shelley, a 19-year-old University of Texas student who was home for the summer, was last seen just before midnight May 24, 1986, when she left her job as a waitress at Gaido's beach-front restaurant in Galveston. Her car was found about 2:00 am the next morning, stuck in deep mud along an Interstate 45 access road just south of the Galveston causeway. The driver's window was broken, and blood was spattered on the door and driver's seat. Despite an intensive search, Shelley was never found.

    Authorities got a break in the case in June 1987 when John Robert King telephoned El Paso police from a motel in that city to report his attempted suicide and confessed to kidnapping Shelley and burying her body. King said he and a friend, Gerald Peter Zwarst had been high on drugs when they ran Sikes' car off the road and abducted her. King later reneged on an offer to tell police where the body was buried. Both men have blamed each other for Shelley's death and admitted burying the body near King's home. King and Zwarst were convicted of aggravated kidnapping in 1988 and sentenced to life in prison. Zwarst was offered immunity from a murder charge in 1990 if he would help find Shelley's body. Under hypnosis he drew a map of a field in San Leon, where he said he last saw Shelley, but her body was not found.

    Authorities uncovered a white blouse during the search. Lab tests could not prove it belonged to Shelley, but her family is convinced the petite, handmade blouse was hers. The case remains open.

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