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    OR~Jeffrey Erickson wanted for rape of 11, 14 & 15 yr. old girls


    Rock Creek [OR] man accused of sexually abusing 15-year-old girl wanted on more sex crime charges

    "A 20-year-old Rock Creek [OR] man arrested earlier this month and accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl is wanted on more accusations of sex crimes, the Washington County Sheriff's Office said today.

    Jeffrey Erickson was lodged in the Washington County Jail following his arrest on first-degree rape, third-degree rape and first-degree sex abuse charges, said Sgt. David Thompson, sheriff's office spokesman. He reportedly posted $25,000 bail on Oct. 22.

    Thompson said a warrant for Erickson's arrest was issued Monday that included new charges associated with the 15-year-old girl and two other girls, who are 14 and 11 years old. Investigators believe the abuse has been occurring since at least July..."


    "...Investigators are concerned that there may be more victims, and ask anyone with more information to contact the sheriff's office detectives division at 503-846-2673.

    Anyone with information about Erickson's whereabouts should call 9-1-1 immediately."

    more at link (warning: mug shot)

    Note: Rock Creek is about 130 miles east of Portland on I-84

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    so this guy has not been caught?

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    No, he has not been found. He was arrested earlier this month of charges against the 15 year old. He bailed on Oct. 22nd. A couple of days later they started added on more charges and located two more victims--an 11 year old and a 14 year old.

    Where is he???

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    Angry Oh lord

    He turned himself in. He posted bail. He got released.


    Can you even imagine? Can you imagine being a young girl? Who do you tell? Was it your fault? Did you actually consent? Were you drugged? It's your fault. You'll get in trouble if you tell.

    You tell and he gets the he*l out?

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    Not to mention that many of these monsters use a common ploy. "You tell and I'll find you and kill you", "You tell and I'll rape your mom and sister". These girls must be terrified. Let's hope they have excellent protection. He walked for $25,000 [EBM]. Who posted that?

    Our children's rapist walked free, went on vacation to Hawaii and Mexico (I believe), attended a funeral in NH, went to school, hung out at his dad's medical office and did pretty much what he wanted for the 11 months we waited for trial. I remember sitting with the kids one day at the Burger King and we all about lost our lunch when we looked up to see him staring at us through the window. He was in the drive thru. Just the sight of him unhinged our kids (and me). I remember looking over at the children and they all looked like deer caught in the headlights. They didn't know how to react. That's one of those times that no amount of motherly love or support matters a whit. I'm sure they all thought that he'd come to get them.

    On another note, I wish the reporters would check their facts. Rock Creek, OR is 130 miles east of Portland, in Gilliam County. Rockcreek, OR is 20 miles west of Portland and in Washington County. Big difference. I think this perp must be from Rockcreek as he turned himself in to Washington County. Would have been nice to know where to be on the lookout.

    Another article. This one says Rock Creek too but the victim was taken to St. Vincent's in Beaverton (where my grandbaby was just born), a suburb just to the west of Portland. They've got their facts wrong as they should be reporting Rockcreek. His friend says it's a false accusation although LE report that they found evidence of the rape. Hmmm.

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    I hope to high heck that I don't have to get in the car and drive myself up to Portland. I just checked and this guy lives only 5-6 blocks from my one month old granddaughter. I am NOT happy.

    LE thinks there are other victims. I've never been to this area of Portland but my husband spent a week there when the baby was born late last month. It was very hard to navigate as the area is chock full of newer apartment complexes. I'm sure it's crawling with teen girls. Most moms and dads work and girls have time on their hands.

    Oh, I hate this.

    While we're at it, check out the friend listed in the article in my post above. He comes up as being 45 and living in the same complex. Lived in lots of places and 45. If you look, watch the spelling as it's unique. Says he'll pray for the victim and her mother. So a 45 year old guy has a 20 year old friend? Could this guy be the one who put up the cash? Why?

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    This guy and his mother surely take the cake. Not taking responsibility, blaming the victims and and and......so much more:


    Rock Creek man tries to withdraw guilty plea after admitting to raping girls
    November 22, 2011

    "At his last stop in Washington County Circuit Court Tuesday before heading to prison, Jeffrey Paul Erickson tried a final time to get out of his impending 20-year sentence. Erickson, 21, pleaded guilty last week to several Measure-11 charges involving the sex abuse of three girls, ages 11, 14 and 15. In the plea deal, he agreed to spend 20 years in prison. Before his sentencing Tuesday, he sent Judge Thomas Kohl a letter, asking to withdraw his plea...."


    "...You stated you were doing it voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently," Kohl said. "In my mind, you knew what you were doing." Erickson shook his head and sighed. He then launched into a series of complaints about his attorney...."


    "...The hearing moved on to address how the victims are coping. "They are remarkable young ladies," [Prosecutor] Lesowski said. "They are courageous, they are brave, they are stoic." To the girls, he said, it's "unfathomable" that Erickson could deny what he's done to them. All of the girls are struggling with the aftermath of abuse, Lesowski said. They are in counseling, he said, and two of them have been engaging in self-destructive behavior...."


    "...Erickson's mother, CL, told the judge that her son was "not a bad kid." He had been bullied and harassed by the victims, she said. She alluded to a conspiracy against her son, saying the victims had told Erickson they were going to "set him up." CL said she's had to move from the Rock Creek apartment she shared with her son because she was afraid of the victims. "I fear for my life every day," she said...."


    "....Erickson said he regretted that he wouldn't be around during his 7-year-old niece's childhood. He was disappointed that his grandparents, parents and other family members might die before his release, he said. "My life is ruined," he said. "I hope the individuals involved in my case sleep well at night."

    More at link

    Yes, you read that correctly. A thinly veiled threat to the victims, IMO, as his final word. The guy's sad that he won't be around for his little 7 year old niece. I'm not.

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