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    CA - Two more men forced off bridge after robbery

    Is this the new cruel thing to do? I don't get it. Why not rob and take off? Why transport your victims to another location (kidnapping, right?) and force them off a bridge? What is a fall of 15 feet supposed to do other than cruelly break bones? Did these monsters think that the poor victims would die or that the intimidation would keep them quiet? As if they wouldn't need medical care with doctors inquiring about broken bones and contusions. I hope the charges are wracking up. And if you think you've just read a story like this, you did. It happened in Salinas too--only 25 miles away and a few days apart. This crime, in Gilroy, happened last weekend and the three were arrested within 48 hours. The Salinas crime occurred early yesterday, Wednesday. I don't think they could be connected. Cruel AND stupid.


    South Bay Men Robbed, Pushed Off Bridge

    Gilroy [CA] police officers credit good police work for cracking a case that started as a tip about a reported robbery and kidnapping that ended with two men being pushed off a bridge..."


    Police said Catrina Cameron, 21, befriended two men Saturday and brought them to her Gilroy apartment. There, Nathaniel Garcia, 22, and Tamaya Duenas, 23, and Cameron physically assaulted and robbed the victims, according to police. The victims were then taken to nearby ATM machines and forced to make a cash withdrawal. It goes on.

    The victims were then taken to Sprig Lake in rural Gilroy where they were bound, blindfolded and forced off a 15-foot bridge..."


    Both of the men suffered significant injuries during the crime and were treated at a local hospital. Cameron, Duenas and Garcia were arrested within 48 hours of the crime and were booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail...."

    more at link

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    What cruel looks like:


    Yes, Catrina's a "bad girl". ITA. Yes, she's "savage" too. She hangs with some sketchy characters and has lost a lot of them to early deaths. And just great. She's a proud parent and a caregiver. A 2 year old. The handful of hundreds held over the baby toys is a nice touch. Wouldn't you really want this gal checking up on your great aunt or assisting at the nursing home. YIKES!!

    And Tamaya--also a parent. Her page is far more about her kids and family, though. Nothing would lead me to believe that she was planning something like this.


    IMO, there's no way that Catrina and Tamaya just up and decided at age 21 and 23 to pull this cruel stunt. There's a pic of a guy on Catrina's page identified as My Candyman. I wonder if the two young women are prostitutes and ambushed these two men? They had help from a guy after all. Looking at the photos, I don't doubt for a second that Catrina was the one who shoved. She looks like she's been working on mean for a long long time.

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    For some reason, this case stayed with me. It just seemed so tremendously cruel. It's coming close to trial. To me, the accused look like they'd do it again. Did they honestly think that the victims would keep quiet?


    Arraignment set for suspects accused of pushing victims off bridge

    January 11, 2011

    "...According to the Gilroy Police Department, the three defendants were waiting with guns and knives and stole the victims' cell phones, jewelry and wallets. They then kidnapped the victims in Hernandez's truck and forced the two to make cash withdrawals of $500 and $600 from ATMs, according to police.

    The victims then were bound, blindfolded and driven to Sprig Lake off Hecker Pass Road in unincorporated Gilroy where they were allegedly pushed off the 15-foot bridge...."

    more at link (including court photos)

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