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    OR - FB video of fighting 9 yr. olds lands four in jail

    Nine year olds are babies. Second or third grade. These boys deserve far better treatment and supervision. Maybe their parents can be made to see the light. If not, it's time for parental rights termination, IMO.


    Video of fighting boys posted to Facebook lands four McMinnville [OR] adults in jail

    "The disturbing video posted to Facebook -- of two nine-year-old boys fighting tooth-and-nail as adults yelled encouragement -- was violent enough that an anonymous caller felt impelled to alert police. The out-of-state tipster knew that the video had been shot in McMinnville, so called authorities there...."


    "...McMinnville officers watched the video and recognized the location as a parking lot in near an apartment building in the 2200 block of Northeast Lafayette Avenue. Officers responded to the parking lot and learned that the boys lived nearby. Investigators obtained and served search warrants on two homes...."


    Sara Michelle Nisenfeld, 31, and Michael Dale Chandler, 33, face accusations of criminal mistreatment, assault, strangulation, reckless endangering and endangering the welfare of a minor. Their neighbors, Jamie Fernando Garcia, 31, and Christa Marie Williams, 22, face counts of assault, strangulation and reckless endangering. Garcia faces further accusations of menacing and coercion.

    The Oregon Department of Human Services took the children into protective custody...."

    more at link

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    what is up w/ parents?? they're fighting their kids like pitbulls in a barn off some back country road.

    are they all on drugs?
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    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
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    "Investigators obtained and served search warrants on two homes on Northeast Lafayette. Inside they found dirty dishes, rotten food, debris and a terrible odor. Drug paraphernalia was seized from one of the homes....."

    Not the way to raise a healthy child.

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    It really sounds as if a number of people--FB friends and LE worked together to locate and rescue these little boys. Good job. I hope some fine foster parents can work to instill the importance of non-violence and help these boys heal.


    Four McMinnville adults to be arraigned for encouraging two nine-year-old boys to fight on video posted on Facebook

    "Four McMinnville adults will be arraigned today in Yahmill County Circuit Court on numerous criminal charges for encouraging two nine-year old boys to fight in a video that was posted on Facebook.

    The video was seen on Facebook by someone in Pennsylvania, who then called the McMinnville Police Department on October 17. Police said as the two boys violently fought each other, several adults could be heard in the background encouraging them to keep fighting...."

    more at link

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