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    CO~Kenneth Lee posed as doctor and sexually assaulted a little girl

    This little girl cannot be the only victim. This slimeball thought about this for quite a while. I hope to high heck that other victims will be brave enough to come forward. I know how little girls think and they'll be certain that they are to blame as they let the man in--they've been told again and again not to--it's all their fault--and they don't want to upset or disappoint Mom and Dad. Oh Lord.


    Suspect Who Posed As Dr. In Sex Assault Arrested

    "Police in Aurora [CO] believe they've arrested the man who allegedly posed as a doctor and sexually assaulted a young girl.

    Kenneth Lee, 54, was arrested for Sexual Assault on a Child Friday morning. Lee is being held at the Arapahoe County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

    The incident happened Oct. 19 at the girl's home near Lansing Elementary at Sixth and Peoria. The girl, an elementary school student, was home alone while her parents were at work. Police said Lee got the girl to let him into the home by claiming to be a doctor with "Immigration" and saying he needed to examine her. That's when the assault happened....."

    more at link (slimy mug shot)

    Another article:


    "....The child told police that she was home alone when a man knocked on the door and claimed that he needed to examine her for immigration purposes. She let him into her home and the man sexually assaulted the child, police say.
    The girl is from an immigrant family, and although they are in the country legally and have been here for a long time, the girl recognized the subject of immigration as being important...."

    more at link

    He's got quite a rap sheet but I'm not buying that this is first victim. Not for a second.
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    I wonder how Lee knew this little girl was home alone? Was he just going door to door?

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    sounds like he's been stalking her - or maybe the whole neighborhood.

    His mugshot gives me the CREEPS bigtime!! ::shudders::
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