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    SC- Man saved 13yo boy from 250lb rapist

    GB this man for saving this boy!

    I didn't snip much of this because I found it disturbing to read.


    The boy was walking home from the Dollar General in Mullins Tuesday afternoon, when police say he came face to face with his attacker, 38-year-old Matthew Gerald. "Gerald confronted him, grabbed him, physically dragged him," said Marion County Sheriff Mark Richardson.

    The boy was dragged into an abandoned home on Pile Court. Deputies say the 13-year-old is only 5'1" and 115 pounds, and couldn't fight off Gerald's 250 pound frame.

    Latanya Davis' brother, Tommy, lives next door to the abandoned home and heard the child yelling for help. "He heard the little boy scream 'Please don't kill me! Please don't kill me!"

    more here

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    Thank you, Tommy brother of Latanya for saving this child's life.

    That guy is savage. There's no doubt he would have murdered that poor child.

    The article Texas Mist provided said the boy is getting counseling. Prayers for this poor kid.

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    How many other little children have suffered at the hands of this monster? When I read stories like this I always think of how predator animals take down their prey. It's exactly the same. Animals have to eat, though. This man is actually far worse than an animal IMO.

    Thank God someone heard and ran to save this child. The neighbors should be honored as the heroes they truly are!! FWIW, Gerald looks like a man who takes what he wants and doesn't give a fig about others. He looks pleased with himself. From the link above:

    "LD said her brother rushed over to the home and saw the unthinkable... Gerald sexually assaulting the young boy. LD says her brother knocked on the window, then ran in the home and tried to get Gerald off of the boy. "He came and tried to get the man off of him - pushed him off - and he ran and called 911."

    With the help of another neighbor, the boy got away and police say Gerald took off too. They later arrested him...."

    I'm so pleased they denied bond.

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    Those neighbors that did the RIGHT THING are heroes.

    and it's a really sad state of affairs that it isn't normal, natural behavior. If everyone ( that wasn't a criminal) did the right thing like these two...the world would be such a wonderful place.

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