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    Charles Jason Vosseler (3) & William Martin Vosseler (2) - Rochester NH, 1986

    Charles Jason Vosseler

    Family Abduction from Rochester, New Hampshire since October 9, 1986

    Age: 3 -- Height: 3'4" -- Weight: 40 lbs -- Hair Color: Blonde -- Eye Color: Blue

    Charles may go by his initials, CJ. He may use the last name Amidon, Foster, or Wilson.

    William Martin Vosseler

    Family Abduction from Rochester, New Hampshire since October 9, 1986

    Age: 2 -- Height: 3'0" -- Weight: 36 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Blue

    William may go by his nickname Billy. He may use the last name Amidon, Foster, or Wilson.

    Charles and William were abducted by their non-custodial father, Charles Martin Vosseler, on October 9, 1986 from Rochester, New Hampshire. In February 1987, Vosseler was indicted for two counts of interference with custody and in April 1987, he was charges with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and a warrant was issued for his arrest. There are active UFAP warrants for Vosseler and CJ and Billy are listed in NCIC.

    Vosseler informed his then wife, that he was taking the boys for the weekend to visit relatives out of state. He did not return them as promised. On Monday, the mother went to Vosseler's office where he owned a rural real estate company. The doors to the business were locked and the mother was told Vosseler had let all his employees go and had cleaned out the office the week before. Prior to the abduction, he took the mother's name off of credit cards and unbeknown to her, had stopped making payments on her car. Before he kidnapped the children he also took all pictures of the boys, address books and had secretly auctioned off almost everything Vosseler and his wife had in storage. He even took the mother's wallet.

    The only pictures of the boys were taken from five seconds of video a friend shot of her son's (the friend's son) birthday. Although the details of his initial post-abduction footsteps are not known, Vosseler landed in Stilwell, Oklahoma in December 2006. Stilwell is a very rural area that borders Arkansas.

    In 1987, a person who had been dating Vosseler (Vosseler had changed his name to Charles Wilson and changed the children's last names as well) saw a pictures of CJ and Billy on a Child Find. She called Child Find but before the FBI arrived in Stilwell, Vosseler had been tipped off and burned his house, a vehicle and some other possessions. Presumably, this was done to get rid of any evidence that might help find him in the future. There have been no known viable leads since then.

    Caution is advised - the abductor is known to be armed and dangerous. His picture is below.


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