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    NY~Edtition Thompson admits raping & impregnating 12-yr-old/family staged his funeral


    Man admits raping, impregnating girl

    "A Buffalo man now admits raping and impregnating a 12-year-old girl, in 2007. DNA evidence identified 34-year-old Edtition Thompson as the baby's father. The plea was entered with consent of the victim's family in order to spare the victim from testifying at trial.

    Thompson fled the jurisdiction in 2008, after the crime was reported, and was apprehended in Sacramento, California. Since that arrest, he has been found competent to stand trial...."


    "....Thompson's family held a memorial service for him to throw authorities off his trail. This is not Thompson's first time in the news...."

    more at link (Thompson has quite a history)

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    Wha? Wha? What?

    That's one shifty family he got there.

    Poor little girl.

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    Yeah, I guess we know how Thompson turned out like he did. That's beyond slimy.

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