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    Man performs CPR on his dog after alligator attack

    Ok, I'm a sucker for a dog story with a happy ending.


    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - A Florida man shot at an alligator to free his dog from its jaws. Tom Martino said he and his Jack Russell terrier Lizabeth were walking along the Hillsborough River in Tampa on Thursday when the alligator wrestled the 15-pound dog into the water.

    Martino started shooting into the water around the alligator to scare it into releasing the 9-year-old dog. He performed CPR on the dog until it coughed up water and started breathing again.
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    You gota love your dog enough to try right?
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    Love this story!

    I would do the same for my dog Baxter. I hope this little dog lives the rest of her life in confort and bliss.
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