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    AK - Benjamin Kaiser, 19, tortured & killed, Bethel, 26 Oct 2010


    A bizarre twist in the Bethel torture killing involves the 7-foot-tall law clerk who didn't notify police about the bloodied, naked man tied up in a shed, though the law clerk himself had been tortured and nearly killed in Africa.

    David N. Kenney, 36, a political refugee who moved to the Southwest Alaska city with his wife and two children this year, co-authored a book about his imprisonment, "Asylum Denied: A Refugee's Struggle for Safety in America."

    Police pored through the book this past weekend after buying a digital version online, said Bethel Police Chief Larry Elarton.

    They've found "intriguing" similarities between Kenney's experiences and the torture and death of Benjamin Kaiser, a 19-year-old from Hooper Bay, Elarton said.

    Elarton would not describe those similarities.

    Jeffrey Allan Hout, 46, and Henry Ned Williams, 32, have been charged with murder in the killing.
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    I read this article last week (from link below) as well as a couple others, & they apparently didn't have the link to Kenney's past.

    In the link below it says " "Suffice it to say, in 31 years of investigating hundreds of homicides, this ranks in the top 10 for the amount of violence involved on another human being prior to his death," Bethel police chief Larry Elarton told The Tundra Drums newspaper."


    Last week Benjamin supposedly was beaten over a truck...sounds more like thrill torture now.
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    Oh my..........I'm NOT up to following this one!

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    I'm blown away. Several people saw a naked and bloody man tied to a table saw and DID NOTHING????? They went upstairs and talked about mining? I can almost wrap my mind around Kenney snapping and "repeating the abuse meted out to himself" but the others??? WTH? And how are we even certain that he truly suffered this torture?

    Can someone please help me on this. What exactly was the motive? So, they think the teen stole from them? It wasn't a black Silverado. Was it the one that Kenney is leaning on? Big whoop. The fact that the men did nothing to cover up their crime and to even brag about it and show it off just flattens me. So wonder LE are reeling.

    I checked to see how far Hooper Bay is from Bethel. A long way and only accessible by plane. I can find no info about the victim. Can anyone else?

    As I said, blown away.

    The affidavit:


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    Kenney's book:


    "Asylum Denied: A Refugee’s Struggle for Safety in America"

    David Ngaruri Kenney and Philip G. Schrag

    Note: You can click on a pdf to read the first chapter.

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    I have to wonder if any other unexplained torture deaths have occurred near where Kenney has lived or studied. He attended the University of San Francisco and Catholic University of America’s law school in Washington D.C. and worked at the Montgomery County State Attorney's Office in Maryland. He also seems to have had involvement at the Georgetown Law School Clinic.

    Of interesting note is that Kenney married his wife on October 31, 2003. The week that Ben Kaiser was tortured and killed would have been his 7th anniversary. Apparently, he and his wife were separating, however.

    Also, the co-author of Kenney's book stated:

    "[Philip] Schrag, was not surprised that Kenney was initially denied asylum because there was no substantial documentation about his history in Kenya."

    Is Kenney truly a survivor of horrific torture and systematic abuse or is he a sociopath? Or both?

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    A story about the Kenney family from February 2009:


    Germantown couple shares story of love amid fight for asylum

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    A phone call? From whom? How did he get to Bethel?


    Tragic deaths sadden, galvanize Hooper Bay

    Then in Bethel on Oct. 27, police found the body of 19-year-old Benjamin Kaiser. He had traveled to Bethel after getting a phone call, said a sister at his family's home in Hooper Bay. He was beaten to death in an attack police are still investigating.

    The tight-knit village of 1,200 is no stranger to tragedy. But the deaths have hit Hooper Bay hard..."

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    According to court dockets in Hooper Bay, Benjamin had a few minor charges (MIP, curfew, etc.) as a teen and must have been on probation.

    He was charged with a misdemeanor car theft and criminal mischief in Bethel but that case was closed April 2009. That must be why a local LEO says that he recognized the young man.

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    Some local comments:


    There's a comment that says "no roads leave Bethel". I wonder if that's why no distances can be located to other places. So, Ben Kaiser flew into town after a phone call?

    Benjamin's MS (private but has a photo):


    Rest in peace, Benjamin.

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    This case has really been on my mind. This is all I can find in the way of updates:


    "....Now the 7-foot-tall law clerk [David Kenney] is sitting in the psychiatric ward of an Anchorage hospital. He faces felony charges that he, at best, walked away from a young man he saw strapped to a saw table in the rugged Alaskan town of Bethel—a teenager who was tortured, bleeding, naked, and near death—and, at worst, that he was somehow involved in the young man’s murder.

    The young man was 19-year-old Benjamin Kaiser, a baby-faced member of the Alaska native Yup’ik tribe of nearby Hooper Bay. Kaiser had flown from Hooper Bay to Bethel for unknown reasons a few days before his death. Also not yet known is exactly what sadistic acts Kaiser endured, but whatever he went through was for an unspeakably long time—perhaps for days. He was so disfigured from the attack that an Alaska state trooper who knew Kaiser had to fly in from Hooper Bay to help identify the body...."


    "..."Suffice it to say, in 31 years of investigating hundreds of homicides, this ranks in the top 10 for the amount of violence involved on another human being prior to his death..."

    more at link (3 pages)

    I'm beginning to have my doubts about Kenney's original story of torture. As the mother of three adult sons with varying degrees of Bipolar Disorder, I see some strong argument for grandiosity, depression and mania. The man is bright and knows how to work a crowd. Many of those with BD, while manic, exhibit a shocking lack of empathy. Note that he is estranged from his wife and pay close attention to her words.

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    I still wonder who called Benjamin.


    ".....The Kaiser family hadn't lost any of their 11 children until Benjamin was killed last week, said his sister JN. He was the youngest of two boys, she said by phone. Yup'ik gospel music played loudly in the background.

    Her parents have listened to it since they learned of his death, she said. "It's hard for my dad to let go of his son," she said.

    He didn't like Benjamin going to Bethel, but his son would take off anyway. He got a call from a guy who said he had to go, she said. Her dad "tried his best to let him stay alive," to keep him from leaving Hooper Bay, she said.

    Benjamin was a good hunter and fishermen, said JN, 25. "He was a good brother. He always stood up for us," she said...."

    more at link (quite a wake up call about youth suicide in isolated villages)

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    I emailed the above and made inquiry. I will continue to do so till I find out the status of this case. Nothing about it since November of 2010. Something stinks about the disposition of this case.

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    While checking back on this case, I found this forum post from 4/18/11:


    Indeed, what is the status of this case?

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    From May 2012:


    Charges have been dropped against David Kenney, a man associated with the Benjamin Kaiser murder case.
    From August 2015:


    In October of 2010, Jeffrey Hout kidnapped 19-year-old Benjamin Kaiser because he suspected Kaiser had stolen his truck.

    Hout tied the naked Kaiser to a table saw in his unheated shop using electrical wire. There, he gagged Kaiser, beat him with an angle iron, whipped him with electrical wire, and used an electric sander on his skin. Kaiser’s torture and exposure lasted six hours...

    Hout and Williams were convicted of second-degree murder and kidnapping. Hout received an additional conviction for evidence tampering. His sentence totaled 104 years in prison, including 99 years for murder, the maximum sentence.

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