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    PA - John Desper for soliciting, child porn, Ridley Twp, 2009

    I only snipped a little of this (from beginning & end) because it made me nauseous to read what this perverted, evil 'thing' is all about...it's not easy reading.

    John Desper had plans for life on the outside.

    In prison for endangering the welfare of a child, Desper schemed with a woman he had known for a decade to execute his next outrageous act.

    The woman would groom her nieces and other children she babysat so they would be ready to have sex with the adults.

    He outlined his plan in excruciating detail in letters he wrote from his prison cell.

    Desler also described how he had fooled psychiatrists into thinking that he was not a pederast, but only had a sexual addiction, Rotella said.

    Desper will be 67 when he's next eligible for release from federal prison.

    "We had hoped for a longer sentence," said Rotella, who had written in a memo to U.S. District Judge John P. Fullam that only life would have prevented Desper would never be free to sexually assault another child. "But 25 years is a long time."

    more here - but it's not an easy read....it's just so sick.

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