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    Reporter recalls when stars wrote notes to press (Very cool!)

    LOS ANGELES – Once upon a Hollywood time, long before Twitter and Facebook became the missives of choice for many celebs, stars actually took pen in hand to communicate with the press — including this reporter. Some even sent telegrams.

    They may have been urged by studio publicists. Or they may have just figured that it was wise to get on the best side of the media.

    Whatever inspired them, I was recently reminded of this quaint practice while sifting through some old office files. There, I discovered a stack of letters from various celebrities I had covered over the years.


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    too cool. ty DK Those were the days when folks knew how to write a thankyou note. Doris Day comes to mind Although, I'll bet the studios did impress upon them how very important it was to court the good favor of the press.
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    Oh I love it!!

    I miss old Hollywood.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks DK, I love it.

    I loved Bette Davis:
    Bette Davis began a 1949 letter: "Am en route to Chicago at this writing. Not liquor."

    It seems so much more personal when they communicated this way.


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    There was actually a time when the actors respected the press and vice versa. Today there is no respect either way. And back then, the press weren't constantly in their faces. They could actually leave their homes and not be bombarded by cameras in their faces. Interviews with stars were actually scheduled with the press back then and both sides respected that. Of course, they still have scheduled interviews with stars today, but it sure isn't the same. Oh, for the golden days of Hollywood.

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