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    NZ - 2yo girl left alone for 2 days


    It took 2 days before mum & aunt made contact with police when her 2yo daughter was left outside McDonalds. Child still in CYF's care.

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    More and more each day I find myself speechless to the news stories we read here. Prayers for this child. I hope she's able to overcome this and live a happy and full life.

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    Don't know if they're going to file charges? WHAT? They are considering sending her home? WHAT? I thought grounds for immediate severance of parental rights was a perfectly legally acceptable course of action for ABANDONMENT of a two year old. Not to mention she should be charged with endangerment. The family has a history with child protection services. I say remove all the children and find them a great adoptive home. Or do we have to read about how this "overwhelmed" mother killed her child/children?

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    I don't understand why they would return this girl after she was left alone. This would be the time to place this child in a safe enviroment before she is really hurt. What in the world is going on with these people who pledge to keep "our" children safe.

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