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    VT - St Albans woman denies drugging, sexually assaulting boys


    A St Albans woman is facing over a dozen charges including engaging in sexual acts with a person under the age of 13. And that is not all; there are allegations of drug and alcohol use and kidnapping.

    The judge set bail at $1 million and set a number of conditions, including that Smith not be allowed anywhere near the alleged victims or their families. During the arraignment Judge Rainville described Smith as a substantial risk to the general public. And now the state is looking into whether other children might have had contact with Misty Smith.

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    Oh my gosh - that's all I can say. What in the world would a 34 year old woman see in 11 year old boys?????


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    Wow. Just wow.

    Looking at her pic seems as if she's missing a lil something upstairs...

    But I'm not one to judge too quickly.

    If these charges are true... Then,

    No excuse, & the absolute worst thing about what she did is that these are the cases that you do not hear about as often.

    When boys are abused by an adult female. Yes it does happen, but the cases are reported far less often, & are often times downplayed.

    I'm so glad these boys reported this. If their story holds water, Misty, you need to be made an example of.
    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”~Oscar Wilde

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    Smith's attorney said she may be 34 but chronologically she isn't. O.K.

    Of ocurse we have neighbors saying they just knew something was not right. I'll say. The lady was giving coke, weed, pills and alcohols to minors and sexually assaulting them. That ain't right.


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    I'm glad those boys told, too & that they were believed.

    How sick & mean to abuse little boys like that!

    ETA: just saw your link Filly....she might be emotionally 'younger' than 34, but that doesn't take away what her survvors went thru, IMO....she was emotionally old enough to use alcohol & drugs as part of the abuse...society's children need to be protected from her.
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