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    UT - Park ranger Brody Young shot, injured, Moab, 19 Nov 2010

    Manhunt continues in the canyons, appears that alleged perp has been shot....


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    I saw something on that! Is the ranger still in critical condition? (go read the article, duh)
    The 34-year-old ranger reportedly exchanged gunfire with the suspect and was struck in the arm, leg and stomach area. He's listed in critical condition in an area hospital.

    "He's starting to improve. That's a good sign," said Grand County Sheriff Jim Nyland to reporters.
    Hope he recovers fully and soon!

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    here's some info on the suspect - says that Lance Arellano was a cannon ready to go off.

    And in the left-most column, there's a Thank You from the Young family to Arellano's mother for "coming forward with essential information to aid the authorities".

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    Police said it is not known if Arellano was wounded in the incident. Officials did find his abandoned car, backpack, rifle and bloody clothing in one of the outposts near the river.

    Authorities believe Arellano still has a .40 caliber handgun.
    It's been a long time for a guy without a backpack to survive the cold nights out there. If they've got him where they think they have him, I can't see how he's coming out alive. And they're so pissed. It's personal for LE and for a lot of folks in the region.

    I've been wondering what he was evading, by shooting the ranger, and how he could have survived overnight this long unless he's hiding in a cave somewhere. Every day I hope this is over. I doesn't look like it's going to end well for the suspect.

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    Five years later, remains of the shooter believed to have been found.


    The unsuccessful hunt for suspected shooter Lance Leeroy Arellano took investigators from various state agencies to an area of hulking boulders, steep cliffs and winding caves, according to the Grand County Sheriff's Office.

    But it wasn't until a pair of real-life Hardy Boys named Caleb Shumway, 23, and his brother, Jarom, 15, took to the rugged terrain that the remains believed to be those of the long sought gunman were discovered, the sheriff's office said.
    "While evidence found with the remains leads investigators to believe they are those of Arellano, we will anxiously continue to wait for confirmation from the Utah State Medical Examiner's Office for positive identification," the Utah Division of Parks department said.

    The statement said state parks officials were "grateful for the continued dedication and commitment of our law enforcement partners and volunteers in Grand County."

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    It was confirmed last month that the remains were identified as the shooter.


    Human remains found in a small cave in late December have been confirmed to be those of the man suspected of shooting and critically wounding a state parks ranger five years ago.

    The identification of the remains was announced publicly on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 6, by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office. A news release stated that the sheriff’s office had received confirmation from the Utah Medical Examiner’s Office that “the human remains found on Dec. 24, 2015, have been positively identified as that of Lance Leeroy Arellano, the suspect in the shooting of State Park Ranger Brody Young.”

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