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    PA Man Beat 70 Year Old Wife Brutally After She Played Cards

    A Bethlehem, PA man beat his 70 year old wife and left her in a pool of her own blood for over a day.

    64 year old William Kimmel fractured his wife's neck, eye scoket, and wrist in the beating last friday night.

    A weak voiced Sandra Kimmel called police on Sunday morning saying she was beaten told LE her husband did it after she returned from playing cards at her Senior Center.

    Mrs. Kimmel had several protection of abuse orders in the past against her husband.

    Beat a person to within an inch of their life for playing cards!

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    thanks for posting this, Filly

    I read about this the other day and couldn't help but believe this wasn't the first time the husband had beat her...now I see this poor woman has probably known a lot of pain for years.
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    young wife beaters turn into old wife beaters. Willing to bet this couple has a long history of him beating the tar outta her and her forgiving him or at least not leaving. Perhaps religious beliefs, perhaps antiquated values of old where women did not divorce. Perhaps she just can't envision life alone after all these years.

    No matter the reason she stayed, it is sad, all around.
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    Hopefully this will be the ''last'' time this s.o.b. hurts her. I have zero confidence in the court system putting him away for an appropriate amount of time UNLESS they successfully convict him for attempted murder.
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