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    WI - Stella Triplett, 5 mos, dies with skull fractures, mom's BF charged, Nov 2010

    grrrrr - another 'mom' who was living w/ a violent dude - that wasn't supposed to even be around her & the baby! - lies for him!! so not right that she's only charged w/ neglect.

    Eau Claire (WQOW)- Two teens have been charged in the death of their infant daughter, after authorities found the girl unconscious in an Eau Claire apartment Wednesday morning. 19-year-old Tyreece Triplett is facing charges of first degree reckless homicide and felony child abuse. The infant's mother, 18-year-old Molly Campbell, has been charged with child neglect.

    According to the criminal complaint Campbell had left the infant with Triplett Tuesday night around 11 o'clock. Triplett said the baby began crying after Campbell left and he "freaked out". Triplett admitted to officers that he shook the baby and threw her against a wall. He explained that the baby then fell into the crib, and that he shook the crib violently. When Campbell returned to the apartment, Triplett told her the baby had fallen off the couch.

    more here


    RIP, little one Rest in angel wings.
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    Why do these women think that these guys change? They don't. PERIOD. If they were a risk to a fully grown woman, what in God's name makes them think that a tiny defenseless infant will be safer?

    I swear, I just want to start shaking people.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    When will this end??? When will mothers value their children more than their "man"???
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    wow i used to live like 20 min from eau claire wi .. poor lil angel rip

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    She needs to be charged with murder as well as him.Unbelievable how these so called mothers are allowing their children around scum and then lying for him WTH!!!!! He was not allowed near that baby,she is an accomplice in my book.Slap her on the wrist and she will go on to have more babies , and that's not good.
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    From October 2011:


    Tyreece Triplett, 20, pleaded no contest to 2nd degree reckless homicide. Thursday, he was sentenced to six years in prison and three years extended supervision.

    His daughter, Stella Triplett, died last November. A medical examiner says she died from traumatic head injuries including several skull fractures.

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