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    NJ Cops Re-Arrest Sex Offender Stalking Boys At Skate Park

    Douglas Petrilak wears a hoodie. He has a super-de-dooper 10 speed DMX bike, and 4 years of prison under his belt for child sexual assault.

    Folks although Petrilak stands at 5 foot and is 102 pounds and wears hoodies and hangs at skate parks he's no kid. He's a middle aged man who has been arrested for stalking teens at a skate park to the point he was following them home to see where they lived.

    Feel free to read lots more and see his mugshot. Especially interesting is the comment of someone who lived in his apartment complex who was told he was unlikely to reoffend.

    Too bad one of those young gentleman didn't knock his a*s off that bike and well ummmmmmmm skate over him. Kids can't even skate in peace. Thank you Trenton police for arresting the creeper.


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    They need to go to jail and stay there! I am so glad they caught this POS before he hurt any more kids.
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