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    IA - Man Hit, Punched, Chocked, And Put 3 Year Old's Hands In Boiling Water

    This "person" named Frederick Delano Ruhl II beat, punched, kicked chocked and hit his girlfriends baby with various objects. He also put the child's hands in boiling water.

    Mom left the baby doll alone with the vicious, vile man although he had abused the child in the past. She's up on some charges. Someone named Tausha Ruhl was also charged in regards to the abuse.

    Alot more at link with his mug plastered on there.


    Wait a minute. This article has the father of the poor little girl speaking out last December. He is seperated from his wife. So this would be the child's great Uncle who beat her along with his wife Tausha Ruhl? I have to go back to the original thread and see if it's right.

    They're all going to trial on various counts of abuse and child endangerment. I say it's attempted murder.

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    He should have been charged with attempted murder! I hope this low life POS gets the full 25 years.I am so glad they charged the mother, she deserves jail time for putting her daughter where she knew she could be abused.I wish every parent was charged right along side the abuser,then maybe these moms would think before putting their children in an abusers hands.I also am glad she was adopted, hopefully she will get the love and care she deserves.
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    Mom pleads guilty too!!


    A Davenport mother admitted Friday in a Scott County courtroom that she left her 3-year-old daughter with a man she knew had been abusing the girl for several months.

    Elicia Gibson, 30, pleaded guilty to child endangerment and neglect charges in connection with a Nov. 9, 2009, incident in which her child suffered second-degree burns when her hands were placed under scalding water.

    Gibson faces 25 years in prison. She has been in the Scott County Jail since her arrest Dec. 2, 2009.
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    This "guy" plead guilty before trial. I have to find his sentence though and the mom's.


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    The inconsistency in charging parents who knowingly left their child in an abusive situation is coming to light more and more.

    Inconsistency will send a mixed message - it's okay in some jurisdictions, but not okay in others.

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    Nope, they all need to be punished...allowing someone else to do it is just as bad as doing it tbemselves since the children are placed in harms way by them!!! Throw away the key.

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