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    Parents attack Hijacker to Save Baby!

    Now , these are parents we can be very proud of! Makes my heart happy to see parents like these two after all the bad ones we hear about.

    Hope this section is ok. I don't start many threads.


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    In a blink of an eye and your child is gone. Thank goodness for these quick responding parents. I hope they catch this jerk, his picture should be plastered all over the news if they have it.

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    What an incredible story....thanks for posting it Montana. These parents should be commended for reacting in the way they did....protecting their child at any cost. What an absolutely horrifying incident. Thank God that baby is safe.

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    Kudos to these young parents for risking their lives to save their baby girl! I am happy they are all ok. Hope they find the jerk who did this! He needs to be put away for a long time!

    ...and be sure your sin will find you out.


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    I Love these parents.. love 'em!

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    wonderful parents but .. the car and baby shouldve been in thier line of sight at all times .. if it had that carjacker wouldnt have had the time to get near that car..and im not picking on the parents just whenever hubby and i go someplace such as a trip kiera comes out with us .. even if she is sleeping or we are right next to the car period .. i read here alot and know what can happen and its helped to educate me alot on how dangerous it can be to leave your child unattended if even for a few seconds
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    I agree Zadari. Was it really necessary for both parents to get out and walk away from the car, leaving the engine running?

    Just glad that they're all safe, and hopefully a whole lot wiser.

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