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Thread: Q&A Only FOR AY (Railbugfreak) -- NO Discussion

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    I know I have a hard time imagining a female doing the dirty work of dismembering ( so sorry to be graphic). Maybe EB had some male help (someoneelse, not meaning AB) (just throwing this out there), or I don't know, was she tough enough to do that herself? I realize any answer you give is hypothetical, just wondering if she's the husky, I can do anything type?

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    Haha! If people saw my music collection they would think I'm schizophrenic!
    That sort of bothers me with this case, much like the west Memphis 3 (if you're familiar). The difference though is they were teens, and elisa seems like an adult with the mentality of a teenager. This is all my personal opinion, my mom was sort of the same in having to prove how "cool" she was. It wasn't good enough to just like a band, it had to be blasted when you pulled up next to another car to prove a point. When you have to go out of your way and basically wear a sign saying "look at me this is what I am!" it makes it phony and juvenile. There's something off there. Was elisa always this way? I know with my mother it was her divorce. And faking illness, ugh. Imma "sick person" and couldn't imagine what she put her children through. Was she claiming to have lupus while you were together because I read somewhere that's one of the illnesses she said she had? That's what I have and it's hard to diagnose.

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    Thank you for taking the time to post. Many members here have been in a similar place to where you are now so you are with an empathetic group. I cannot imagine having to read the things people say online in these types of situations. In my own situation it was either just before the commenting online started or I was blissfully unaware of it. We are all appreciative of your efforts to join us here.

    The search warrants state that EB had multiple reports filed with DSS dating back to 1999 in regards to her older children. Can you give us any insight to those reports? Past behavior being such an indication of future behavior and all.

    And as far as substance abuse, any comments you would like to share about EB or ABs drug use?

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    Wow....Oh Wow...what shocking info has come out today. Is it possible that we will learn soon that the reason AB has not been arrested is because he is guilty of being Nieve and Stupid? And nothing more? Is it possible that EB did this dirty deed with the help of the Y's...while AB was at work? Or out and about whereever?

    Is it possible that EB subjected this child to the rape of these Men? and then when her poor little Zahra's life was lost, EB enlisted the help of the Youngs, after all, they had already murdered may as well do the coverup?

    Is it possible? I think it is...I have always seen AB as someone who is just plain blind to the comings and goings on of EB.

    JMO...I think an arrest is imminent...But I don't think it will be AB,,,Is it possible that the primary suspects are sitting in jail right now? I think it is..

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    Quote Originally Posted by railbugfreak View Post
    Thanks!!, I love Rock n Roll, Rob Zombie is the bomb, Metallica kicks butt, Iron maiden is AWESOME, I even like a lil of Marilyn manson. AC/DC. I like the cool skull shirts, rock shirts. HMMM Guess that makes me an EVIL man. lol
    I don't see why it would be anyone's business what music you like or use in a ceremony. I think you should be awarded a medal for putting up with EB I do have a question if you don't want to answer I understand. Was EB ever violent toward you?

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    I just have one question... How are YOU doing?

    I've been on the outer-edges of a case involving the death of a child so I understand some of the internal conflict and the emotional pain you must be dealing with, but Thank God I never had to hear or read the type of things that have been said/written about you.

    I know all to well that it isn't by choice that you ended up part of this case, you just were lucky enough to actually know Zahra and unlucky enough to know EB.
    And now because of the actions of others you are forever changed and long after all of us have moved on to the next case you will still be living this.

    (I don't know you nor do I know if everything you say is true but I know that all of us have wanted information and an insiders knowledge of this case and you tried to give it to us-So thanks for that- and honestly I am sorry you are in the position to be able to inform us)

    God Bless and good luck to you and all the others who never asked to be so close to this tragedy...
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    IMO since the jig is up for EB she is telling the truth to save herself from the Death Penalty and her statement of her and AB getting rid of the prosthetic leg is true, this would mean that AB is guilty also, how will you feel if this turns out to be true, since you have befriended him?

    Why wouldn't you want to distance yourself from all parties involved, especially since you started a new life with a new wife?

    Is it true that EB has Lupus and did you ever hear her complain in the past about joint pain?

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    Wow! Thanks for the insight AY. Your time here is appreciated.
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    The beautiful roundabout of Context, Veracity, and JUSTICE
    Aaron, you have said that you eventually tried to tell Adam that you were not in fact EB's brother but her husband... but why did you ever participate in that lie to begin with, and for so long?
    You can hold back from the suffering of the world. You have free permission to do so and it is in accordance with your nature.
    But perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering you could have avoided.
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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    Welcome to WS, railbug. I hope you have support to get you through the spotlight on you...let us know where we can help and thank you so much for taking our questions.

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    Please keep OT posts and discussion to a minimum to make this thread easier for people to use and for railbugfreak to find the questions.

    (Post falls at random.)

    Welcome, railbugfreak!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ynotdivein View Post
    Aaron, you have said that you eventually tried to tell Adam that you were not in fact EB's brother but her husband... but why did you ever participate in that lie to begin with, and for so long?
    Hi AY! So nice of you to come here to tell your side of the story. I hope you are doing okay in light of everything that's happened.

    I would also like to know the answer to the above question if you could be so kind.

    Another question that has been nagging at me are the pics of Zahra on Facebook. You commented on the morning of Oct 8th around 2:00 a.m. (before she was missing) that she deserves so much better and you wish they would sign her over to you. These pics were posted in January, so why did you feel the need to comment on them that particular night/morning the day before Z went "missing".

    Thanks again and best of luck with your new wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlcox View Post
    Can you go into how you know about the alone time EB and this man were sharing? Was this common knowledge among some folks or has this just become known to you now?
    One thing we got to remember is Aaron wouldn't know a whole lot that has happened in the last few months, him and Elisa had a falling out in February and they haven't saw each other since, so that is almost 8 months of him not being in the lives of Elisa.. Anything could have happened in 8 months he wasn't aware of..IMO just saying !
    ♥♥♥ Zahra, You were known by Many, Loved by hundreds, and will be missed by Millions!
    May You Rest In Peace Little Girl! ♥♥♥

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhyaDuck? View Post
    Please keep OT posts and discussion to a minimum to make this thread easier for people to use and for railbugfreak to find the questions.

    (Post falls at random.)

    Welcome, railbugfreak!
    Please, feel free to discuss things that Railbug mentioned here on other threads within the topic and keep this thread free of discussion. Questions only! That way when he comes back it will be easier for him to answer your questions. You can link to his answers here, just don't go into a discussion about them. Discussion posts will be removed without explanation.

    Thank you so much Railbugfreak! You're truly an asset and we appreciate you taking your time to clear things up for us and for your family!


    In memory of Ron Pruitt

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    Railbugfreak - it's always interesting to be able to talk to someone who is closely involved in a case.
    My questions for you are: Did you ever think about postponing your wedding because of Zahra being presumed dead? Why do you feel that EB & SY could commit such a horrendous crime?

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    Just my guys, but railbug can answer the questions for himself I think. And if he cant, we respect that as he is unwittingly in the middle of a murder investigation.

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    Railbugfreak, I just wanted to say thank you for coming here - I commend you for that as it takes a lot of courage. I wonder how it must have been for you to have your ex move in across the street? (unless I was misinformed and if so I apologise). There must have been some major thing happen in Feb for you to have blocked EB from your fb account - would you be willing to elaborate? Also - would you tell us more about EB faking her children's illnesses?

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    Good morning, AY, and thank you again for taking our questions. I, too, am concerned about how you are coping with the situation and hope that participating in this discussion will benefit you as well as the rest of us.

    When faced with shocking or incredible statements, the first step in my thought process is always to consider the source. So I'm curious about how the allegations in the probable cause statement came to be. Without revealing too much information about the individuals mentioned in the statement, I think you can safely answer a few general questions. No need to elaborate, and no worries if you can't. A simple "no comment" will be fine.

    We know the M's are siblings, but how is BM related to SY and/or EB? Friend? Relative?

    Do you know BM? If so, do you think she's credible?

    Do you know who is the unnamed source who gave the story to LE? (That's simply a yes or no question. lol I'm certainly not asking for a name.)

    This is a tough one, but I'm going to throw it out there, anyway. Do you know if BM has a grudge against SY or an ulterior motive for the allegations?

    Is there anything else you can tell us about how the he said/he said/she said/he said (and she said) allegations (rumors) came about?

    Mods: I know I'm treading dangerous waters here, but I hope you'll let the questions stand for now. Because the allegations are so inflammatory and so horrific if true, it's important to discern their credibility.
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    Aaron just one question - does September 18th 2010 have any particular specific meaning with respect to Zahra or Adam, or EB that you might be aware of ?
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    Originally Posted by laddsy
    who do you think played the major part in little z's murder and dismemberment?
    Quote Originally Posted by railbugfreak
    eb... Imo

    Aaron, I thank you for coming here and giving us all insight into precious Zahra and the depravity in her demise...Good Luck on your new marriage...JMHO

    In post 33 of this thread you answered you thought the major player in Zahra's demise was EB...I tend to believe that as well..

    Is she capable of dismembering Zahra alone or do you think she could have enlisted the help of those mentioned in the alleged rape of Zahra?? Is this something that happened before with them, in other words are they known pedophiles????

    If you know, where was AB during this horrible act?

    I truly appreciate your insight in this horrific case and do hope you've spoken with LE to lead them in the right direction. Zahra didn't die at her own hands and someone, the true culprit should be punished...JMHO

    Justice for Zahra
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    Hi AY. First off, I commend you for coming on here and agreeing to answer questions. There has been a lot of mud slinging your way and IMO it takes a "stand up" kind of man to put yourself out here this way. So thanks. My questions:

    Do you know what EB's drug/drugs of choice were?
    Do you know if AB got involved in drugs as well?

    What were AB's regular working hours, and did he go away on overnight work trips?

    I realize you did not have contact for sometime before this all happened, but am assuming you have talked about a lot of things with him since Oct.

    Is he aware that you are on here answering questions, and if so, how does he feel about that?

    When you were in regular contact, did you ever see or hear any evidence that Zahra was receiving medical care?

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    Quote Originally Posted by railbugfreak View Post
    Thanks.... You know I ask myself the same questions over and over again everyday. Honestly IDK. Unlike everyone else im giving AB the benefit of the doubt because i havent heard any evidence of him being involved except out of EBs mouth and honestly i dont believe a word that comes out of her mouth as I lived with her for 10 years. Do I think AB couldve been a better Dad? YES. We all make mistakes although that was a huge mistake on his part to trust EB with her. Was AB a good DAD? Hell yea he was. What happened since february though IDK because i hadnt SEEN AB or EB since then except briefly and that was if we ran in to each other out and about. Yes I made a few comments on her FB till around march or so after that she was blocked from my FB. I know that answered more than your question but just answered a few of the ones i seen before.
    First AY, thanks for coming to Websleuths and for answering questions. I am sure there will be lots of them. Second, know that there are still some of us that think AB might be innocent in large parts of this. I am sure this whole thing has come as a huge shock and has rocked your family. Don't really have any questions just want to say that my thoughts are with all of you and while I never knew Zahra I will also never ever forget her.

    Oh I have to ask a question to stay on topic ..... So .... Are you taking care of yourself? Eating? Sleeping ? And what can you tell us about Zahra's likes ? Any favorite toys, characters, flowers, colors ?
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    Q: did you ever see Zahra with bruising in any visible areas?

    Q: How often did you see Zahra (once a week? twice a month? more often than that?)

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    Did you just recently hear that Zahra is involved with St. Judes? Or had you heard that before Feb. when you were in contact with EB and AB? thank you

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    1) Do you know if AB was planning on leaving EB and maybe getting his ducks in a row.

    I know your answer would just be conjecture but I think if this is true, it could answer a lot of questions of why.

    2) What was up with your posts on Facebook saying something to the affect of, " I hope my ex is happy, no more pills for me"?

    3) You said you and EB had a big blow up in February and haven't much talked, if this is so, why were you still posting on FB to each other and playing together in IMVU?

    4) Do you think EB could have disposed of Zahra alone?

    5) What is your theory on what happened to the beautiful child?

    6) Why did you stay with EB for 10 years, if she is as we see her now - evil.

    Thanks again!
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