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    Canada - Josh Bowe, 21, Mission BC, Nov 2010 *Arrests*

    This was brought to my attention on Facebook by a friend who is organizing search parties. She has stated that another teen is missing but hasn't given me a name or link yet.

    Hope Bowe is worried her grandson is in trouble.

    Twenty-one-year-old Josh Bowe has been missing for close to two weeks and Hope says it's unusual for him to disappear without checking in.

    "He's not the kind of child to run away," said Hope. "If he goes somewhere, he has a destination."

    Josh has trouble with his short-term memory and is on disability.

    The last time Hope saw her grandson was on his birthday, Nov. 12. He usually visits her every week, and she became worried when she didn't hear from him the next week.

    Josh lives in Silverdale but was last seen in Deroche, said Arlene Fredeen, Josh's guardian since he was 11 years old. He's now under the care of the Community Living program and has a suite above Fredeen's shop.

    Josh made his way to Deroche Nov. 18 on foot to visit a friend, said Fredeen. He was seen the next day by his community living worker, who drove him back to his friend's house. According to this friend, said Fredeen, Josh went to the store and never returned.


    Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=...group_activity

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    I was also directed to the Facebook group that lists several men in the area that have mysteriously disappeared. One of the is from the same town, Mission, British Columbia. Jeffrey Surtel, age 17, on April 17, 2007. He took a bicycle ride and just disappeared.

    Some of these other disappearances are very odd.

    Here is the Facebook group. It has a list of the missing. I'm not saying that they are all connected but some of them certainly could be.

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    Still missing according to Nampn


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    Bumping for Josh, now missing 3 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagnoliaMountain View Post

    Josh has been missing for 4 years now.

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    Can't find any news, I guess he is still missing.

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    B.C. RCMP announce murder charges in six-year-old cold case

    On Monday, the RCMP revealed it had cracked the case, announcing charges of first-degree murder against two individuals believed to have known Mr. Bowe. The two men charged in the killing were youths at the time of the alleged offence and cannot be named. An alleged motive was not disclosed.


    Inspector Donna Richardson, the officer in charge of the unit, said evidence gathered during the investigation led police to believe Mr. Bowe knew whoever was responsible for his disappearance.

    She did not specify what that evidence was, and said police did not publicly disclose they no longer viewed the file as a missing-persons case to “protect the integrity of the investigation.”

    She said Mr. Bowe’s remains were recovered a short time ago, though she would not disclose where.

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    How sad...but at least his family has some answers now and they can put him to rest. RIP Josh.

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    Wow! R.I.P. Josh

    I did not expect this outcome honestly.
    This is where Sky belongs!! Proud member of the Sky Crew & proud supporter of Solomon's quest to find his precious son! "I will always be his father. On this earth I don't see him, but in heaven we'll be together," Metalwala said.


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