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Thread: CO~Joshua Amoroso, youth minister, arrested for sexual assault of a child

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    CO~Joshua Amoroso, youth minister, arrested for sexual assault of a child

    Youth Pastor Accused Of Sex Assault On Child
    Suspect Allegedly Had Sex With a 14 Year Old Girl , Court Docs Released

    "Colorado Springs Police say there might be more victims after a youth pastor is accused of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust. Police arrested 21 year old Joshua Amoroso at the Chapel Hills Mall on Wednesday.

    According to police, Amoroso had sex with a 14 year old girl about 15 different times at several different locations. CSPD investigators are concerned there may be more victims.

    Amoroso used to work as a youth pastor at Gateway Church in Colorado Springs...."

    more at link

    I hope I'm not sounding naive or jaded, but what sort of preparation and training is provided for these men (I have yet to read a single report of a female youth minister charged with abuse--this does NOT mean that one does not exist)? What sort of vetting and assurance of safety are we providing families and children? Most parents are delighted when their children put energy into going to church or get involved in sports. We don't expect that the people running these programs will lure and rape our children!!

    Still looking for the docs.

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    A mug shot of Amoroso:

    Church "Healing" After Youth Pastor Charged With Sex Assault

    Something just dawned on me. With all these recent arrests, there are several youth minister positions available. Let's hope the churches are exceptionally cautious.

    Just a few sites from hundreds.......

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    An update:

    Ex-youth pastor admits having sex with girl, 14, faces 90 days in jail
    July 5, 2011

    "A former Colorado Springs youth pastor accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl faces up to 90 days in jail and at least 10 years’ probation under a recent plea agreement with prosecutors, court records show. Joshua Amoroso, 22, agreed June 30 to plead guilty to one count of sexual assault on a child, a felony.

    In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss 17 additional counts related to Amoroso’s three-month relationship with the girl, whom he met while counseling children at Gateway Church in Colorado Springs. Amoroso was fired after acknowledging the affair [NOT AN AFFAIR!!!]...."


    "...The girl told police Amoroso first seduced her at her Colorado Springs home while her stepmother was asleep in another room...."

    more at link

    And, from another article:

    "....the youth pastor exchanged more than 16,000 text messages and phone calls with the girl...."

    more at link

    I just did the math. If the contact continued for 3 months as reported, that's an average of 177 texts and phone calls per day!! To a 14 year old girl. SHAME!!!! 90 days. That'll teach him.

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