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    It is my belief that OPD and probably the Kesse's know who abducted Jennifer as there are at least four seconds missing of the POI parking Jennifer's car.....The video that was released is useless, why on earth would OPD want to hold onto that and not release it for 17 months after it was discovered? The POI's own mother would not recognize him in the video.....Apparently what was released was only at the Kesse's insistance.....I believe that OPD withheld some of the video.....OPD and the Kesse's keep saying they just "need that one person with that one piece of evidence to come forward"...I just think that they know who did did this and cannot make an arrest without a body perhaps....
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    They are covering up their misdeeds?

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    [QUOTE=Shin Masamura;13376107]
    Quote Originally Posted by Truth Prevails View Post
    Or, say a stalker. Maybe someone from her gym, or a pub she went to often. Someone who felt she had rejected him, but in reality she hardly knew he existed. Those kind of people will stalk, and stalk, and stalk, until they know a lot about the person. Where she lived wouldn't have been a problem. I just mention this because it seems planned

    I should clarify, Ashes.. here is a photo book someone post stills from 48 hours years ago, it has some stills and info that is interesting since we've been spinning our wheels

    I thought I would just bump this back up . It has great pictures of her condo and placement of items. Notice the police officer in the bathroom mirror is taking one picture.

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