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    9 Items made with animals I bet you didnt know about


    Plastic bags, shampoo, toothpaste...So you think you are a vegan? Guess again...
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    WOW you learn something new every day! Thanks for posting this

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    Thanks for the article believe09.


    No more sugar for me.

    Switching to Colgate Toothpaste.

    Using brown bags at the supermarket instead of plastic.

    Changing Shampoo too! (have to work on that)

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    They forgot some brands of cigarettes and beer, as well as lots of candies and soda pops (and anything with, IIRC, "red no 4").

    People who are serious about being veggies or vegans, in my experience, do research these things out. Sometimes, people have to make educated exceptions, but, for the most part, there are vegan-friendly products out there that you can replace these things with.

    ETA: This seems like an interesting list of food colouring:

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