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    NEED HELP on Betsy Aardsma Case

    Hi all,

    Are any producers interested in the Betsy Aardsma story?

    We spoke with a major media news show two years ago, but the PA State Police have not cooperated with them, and they bowed out.

    We have found and identified the only major suspect police have ever had, but he is deceased. There is plenty here to do a story on, and the police could use the help in bringing forward others who may have had negative dealings with this man.

    However, the PA State Police have refused to identify him publicly as a suspect, despite other documents to the contrary, and I believe have not continued pushing the case because he is dead and because they may not have enough evidence to ever close the case on ANYONE.

    I'd really love it if someone from a TV show could contact me and I can fill them in on more details privately.


    Derek J. Sherwood

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    What "documents?"

    What happened to former Centre County DA Ray Gricar?

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