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    Exclamation Grandaughter! "Chi l'ha visto?" ITALIAN "Have YOU SEEN" Television Program

    Grandaughter, or other family members reading?...please look into the possibility of this ITALIAN missing person's television show running a story on your family. I think the possible Palermo connection and the "Louis Sodder" photo sent years later would be VERY intriguing to the producer and the viewers of this show!!! If any of the children were moved to Italy...this show might help you find some answers. Don't hesitate...it is a very long airing show and hopefully you can get the Sodder Children story on it before it goes off the air. The show has an associated website, which also might help you publicize the case in Italy. See below. I pray this show will air your family's story and that it will lead to some answers for you.


    From Wikipedia
    "Chi l'ha visto? Is a television program dedicated to finding missing persons and unsolved mysteries, aired on Wednesday evening prime time on Rai 3 and conducted by Federica Sciarelli directed by Patricia Belli .
    In the air since 1989 , after Blob is the longest running broadcast aired on Rai 3 . The acronym Missing (in English disappeared, disappearance) was composed specifically for the program by Bruno Carioti and Lamberto Macchi. The original music is made by the artist Walter Cesarini."

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    Anything is possible! They've done a show on Anna Christian Waters (because of some possible ties to Italy)... we're just waiting for the show date. Annasmom said the reporter from this show who came out to gather the facts was very nice and thorough.

    Being the Sodder family was Italian, there's a great chance they would be interested!

    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

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    does anyone know what were the updates from this television program and if it shed new light on the case?

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