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    2010.12.11 Caylee's Anniversary in Heaven

    December 11, 2010 will be two years since Caylee's remains were found. One week later she was positively identified....JMHO

    Rest Peacefully, Caylee

    May you rest in peace while the State of Florida seeks justice in your name. Your life matters to me even as we never met personally. To have your life snuffed out before your time it's imperitive you have justice.

    I pray for your family as they hear the gory details of your demise. I wish I had known you I would have been proud to have you as my child...

    Rest peacefully sweet Caylee...remember the stars, the moon and the sky, sweetheart...Justice will come to you for your death demands it!


    Justice for Caylee
    It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man by argument.

    William McAdoo

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    Interesting that we likely wont see the seriousness of this evening's date on Casey's face tonight. I would be leveled to the floor. She will preen her hair throughout the hearing. May God forgive her, one day.

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    I can't believe it's been two years. Seems like just yesterday this happened. We had all held out a sliver of hope, and when it was said that a child's remains were found...we knew it was you. I'll never forget it. Just a few more months, Caylee, justice for you is coming soon! Keep resting peacefully, sweet baby. LE and all of us have your back here on earth!
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    The beautiful PacNW's Emerald City
    When I think of sweet Caylee, I always think of my own daughter's church choir singing "This little light of mine....I'm gonna let it shine!!".
    God Bless You Caylee.

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    What's so frustrating is it's been a year and no guilty verdict or justice. I just have such a hard time understanding why taxpayers support her, she get's make up and candy and goes on living a la-ti-da life in jail after having done this.

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    We will never forget you little sweetheart Caylee. Justice is coming for you.

    "Stop acting like a two-year old".
    Jose Baez to Casey Anthony during jury selection

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    Quote Originally Posted by The World According View Post

    Interesting that we likely wont see the seriousness of this evening's date on Casey's face tonight. I would be leveled to the floor. She will preen her hair throughout the hearing. May God forgive her, one day.
    I wish I could be in that courtroom tonight.I swear to God I'd bring in a small casket and hold it on my lap!! I cannot say what I feel for KC,I would be banned.I find myself thanking God he took Caylee away from her!!
    My Buffy. He lives in Heaven now
    with my loved ones..xoxox

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    Thanks for starting this thread LLL!
    I don't think Ben's beautiful Mom, who shared this poem with the world would mind I'm posting this in it's incredible entirety. Hope mods agree.

    This poem was written by a 13 year old boy who died of a brain tumor that he had battled for four years. He died on December 14, 1997. He gave this to his mom before he died. His name was Ben.

    My First Christmas in Heaven

    I see the countless
    Christmas trees
    around the world below
    With tiny lights, like Heaven's stars,
    reflecting on the snow

    The sight is so spectacular,
    please wipe away the tear
    For I am spending Christmas with
    Jesus Christ this year.

    I hear the many Christmas songs
    that people hold so dear
    But the sounds of music can't compare
    with the Christmas choir up here.

    I have no words to tell you,
    the joy their voices bring,
    For it is beyond description,
    to hear the angels sing.

    I know how much you miss me,
    I see the pain inside your heart.
    But I am not so far away,
    We really aren't apart.

    So be happy for me, dear ones,
    You know I hold you dear.
    And be glad I'm spending Christmas
    with Jesus Christ this year.

    I sent you each a special gift,
    from my heavenly home above.
    I sent you each a memory
    of my undying love.

    After all, love is a gift more precious
    than pure gold.
    was always most important
    the stories Jesus told.

    Please love and keep each other,
    my Father said to do.
    I can't count the blessing or love
    has for each of you.

    So have a Merry Christmas and
    Wipe away that tear
    Remember, I am spending Christmas with
    Jesus Christ this year.


    Injustice for Caylee Marie Anthony.

    Copyright that Cindy

    Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It's not. Dr. Suess

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    Song written for Caylee Marie


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    Sweet, precious Caylee Marie.

    Two years ago my prayers were answered. You were found! Not the way that any of us ever wished for you to found, but it gave me peace to know that you were no longer alone, crying out for someone to please find you.

    Roy Kronk... if you are reading here tonight, I want to Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for having the persistence and courage to continue to go back for Caylee. There is a special place in heaven for you, sir. I hope that the New Year brings you peace and closure... stand tall! It's almost over.

    To all the women and men of Law Enforcement who were there the day Caylee's remains were found. Your dedication and hard work in collecting what was left of that precious baby deserves a lot more than a simple Thank-you. I don't think there is anything on this Earth that can explain how grateful I am for everything you have done and continue to do for all the victims of violence, especially the littlest victims.

    Caylee Marie, continue to play peacefully with the angels. You are in good hands down here. 2011 is yours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The World According View Post

    Interesting that we likely wont see the seriousness of this evening's date on Casey's face tonight. I would be leveled to the floor. She will preen her hair throughout the hearing. May God forgive her, one day.
    HI TWA, that video was great! It made me cry! It is very hard to understand whats going through KC's mind obviously its not Caylee! watching KC, and Baez with that smug look on his face(it really makes me wonder what place God has for defense lawyers!) Because for them its all about their 'client', not that their client is really guilty for their crime. Just win at all COST, its all just a big game , not about an innocent little girl named Caylee who lost their life! So may God forgive them all!

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    In the State of Denial
    She has strong wrapped her and will always be protected. Sweet Dreams baby girl.
    Founding Member of AFKBPOFPOPL

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    It has been two long years, Caylee Marie Angelbabe. Two long years since your little bones were discovered. Thank you Roy Kronk for leading LE to the place where Casey Anthony dumped her little one. (Thank you LolaMoon for reminding me that Roy Kronk needs our neverending support and gratitude.) I know how hard LE has worked to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. I cannot imagine how this has affected their lives from that day of discovery.
    Someday, it is getting closer day by day, justice will come for you, sweet Angelbabe.

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    Sweet angel, Caylee.
    Today and everyday you are remembered.
    You are loved by us all.


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    Dear Caylee,
    Fnding you gone became AMERICAS HEARTACHE...You will always be remembered sweet one. It has brought out a much bigger awareness of missing lil children with the media covering your early departure to your home in Heaven... Today is also Tim Millers birthday....he tried so haRD TO FIND YOU.. WE KNOW THE HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS DID TOO...my granny also died this day...dec 11 forever embeded in my heart and mind as love , hope, beginnings and endings... sing and play caylee forever and ever... you are free, and you are home, and you are forever loved...


    Short, sweet, tear jerking 4-5 line stories one MUST read after reading true crime.


    Hiliarous tribute to Kathy B... OMG too funny

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