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    Talking Catcalls to the police in England.


    9 December 2010 Last updated at 12:40 ET
    Cat calls police in Swansea dialling 999
    Police responding to a 999 call in Swansea discovered they had been summoned by a cat.

    Ginger's owner Howard Moss was fast asleep in bed when he was woken by officers banging on his front door.

    After letting them in during the early hours of Tuesday they found the pet reclining next to the unhooked phone with one of his paws on the keyboard.

    Mr Moss said police took the false alarm in good humour and Ginger was unaware of the commotion he had caused....

    Wouldn't it be funny if there was a burglar outside the outside just as the cops showed up and was scared off?

    Here's a tape of the 999 call;

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    really? the cat didn't go hide under a bed when the police were banging on the door? it was just casually reclining next to the phone with his paw still 'in the cookie jar'?


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    Oh, so it really was a cat!

    I'd wondered if the Swansea cops had wandered into a Monty Python-esque construction site or something similar.
    'In literature a murder scene is often likened to a picture puzzle. If one is patient and keeps trying, eventually all the pieces will fit into place. Veteran policemen know otherwise. A much better analogy would be two picture puzzles, or three, or more, no one of which is in itself complete. Even after a solution emerges- if one does- there will be leftover pieces, evidence that just doesn't fit. And some pieces will always be missing.'

    - Vincent Bugliosi

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