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    PA - Michael Lipinski for child abduction, rape, Pittsbugh, 2009

    This sick animal smirked as it's 14 year old victim (who was 9 when it kidnapped her from her bed and raped her!) read her impact statement. Kudos to judge Jeffrey Manning for imposing a 90-180 year sentence and admonishing this subhuman monster for it's lack of remorse. These pieces of filth who perpetrate these heinous crimes on children (one of victims was kidnapped from her mother's bed, 3 years old, raped then abandoned in a park at 2 in the morning!) should be taken out and put down like rabid animals. When will it end???????

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    now that's an almost reasonable sentence, I would like 180 years to become the standard minimum. I hope this goes at least a little towards helping the victim heal, I think she was very brave to stand up in court and face him to give her statement, I am not so sure that I could be so brave.

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    Wow. What a brave girl. These animals must be caught sooner and taken out of our society. There shouldn't have to be 3 victims. There has to be a better way.

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